Fitbit Sleep Tracker Review

A Comprehensive Review of the Fitbit Sleep Tracker

One of the most astounding and successful technologies introduced by Fitbit is their sleep trackers that can be used by customers to keep checks on some of the most important areas of their lives. Fitbit trackers are a comprehensive solution to different types of fitness and health problems.

If you want to keep an eye on your activity level, diet, weight and sleep, these trackers are just the best option for you. The Fitbit trackers will collect all the sleep data including time spent in bed while awake, the number of hours you slept for, and if you did not have rest at night, etc.

In addition to these trackers, Fitbit also makes such devices that help you with heart-rate tracking. These devices also measure your sleep stages and how much time did you spend in each stage! Fitbit devices come with GPS tracking which enables you to measure how far you’ve hiked, ran or walked! You can also keep track of your calories intake using these devices.

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FitBit Review

Pros and Cons of Fitbit Sleep Tracker:

Advantages of Using Fitbit Sleep Tracker:

  • It is extremely lightweight and also very slim
  • Fitbit coach helps with workouts
  • You can store music on it
  • Very long battery life
  • It comes with a female version of health tracking as well

Disadvantages of Using Fitbit Sleep Tracker:

  • It doesn’t have a built-in GPS
  • Doesn’t feature an NFC payment option

How Fitbit Tracks Sleep?

Fitbit’s quality sleep tracker enables automatic tracking of the amount of sleep a user gets in a given night. Moreover, this device will also track the amount of time you spend at every stage of sleep. Every night, your body passes through different stages of sleep such as light sleep, deep sleep, and REM. Fitbit will keep track of what stage of sleep you are in and the amount of time you spend at that stage. The trackers employ sensitive motion detectors combined with a PurePulse heart rate tracking.

As your heart beats, its capillaries expand and contract. With the help of green LED lights, the Fitbit checks for changes in the flow of blood. Using this information, the PurePulse heart rate tracker then keeps track of your heart beat per minute.

As your heart beat and blood pressure vary according to your sleep stage, the Fitbit tracker measures these differences to determine which sleep stage you are in and for how long you remain there.

Other than automatic sleep tracking features, Fitbit also gives users the ability to proactively improve their sleeping patterns as the trackers contain certain app features that help users achieve this goal. For instance, users can make their own personalized sleep schedule depending on their sleep goals, your wake up target and the recent data trends.

Fitbit tracker will help you with things such as setting an alarm when it is time for the bed that ensures that you are in bed at the most appropriate time. The tracker has a unique alarm option which uses gentle vibrations to wake users. This alarm makes it a widely popular substitute for the traditional jarring alarm clock.

However, don’t be in a rush to start using the device. You should better double-check all the sleep tracking features that your tracker gives you. That’s because certain Fitbit trackers have far more features than others.

Features of Fitbit Tracker:

There are a plethora of features that this small fitness tracker packs that make it one of its kind. To provide you with an idea of what it can do for you, we have outlined some popular features below:

  • Real-Time Tracking: The Fitbit tracker can track the heart rate, steps, and calorie consumption and provide the user with live data. That eliminates the need to wait for some time for the data to get processed and then adjust your diet or exercises according to it.
  • Useful Reminders: The tracker keeps an eye on your activity level and sends you reminders to become active if you have been sitting for too long. Furthermore, it is very useful in reminding you to drink water to maintain your daily water intake.
  • Share Your Data: You can share your data acquired through Fitbit on social media to challenge your family and friends to beat your achievements. This works as a motivation for you and your friends to work harder and stay fit.
  • Workout and Music: The tracker lets you store music in it that you can listen to whenever you want. Furthermore, it has a workout coach that can help you perform various useful exercises to take your fitness game to the next level.
  • Female Health Tracking: A feature that most of the trackers often miss is the female health tracking. Women can add the symptoms of their periods, and also get insights to potential health conditions or fertility directly on their watch.
  • Great Battery Life: Though every Fitbit tracker has an excellent battery life, however, some devices are still better than others in this regard. The Fitbit Charge and Alta HR, for example, each come with a battery life of up to seven days. However, Fitbit’s Alta, Flex 2, and Ace offer only 5 days of battery life.
  • Simple Charging: In order to charge your device, the Fitbit-recommended solution is plugging the charging cable into the USB port on the computer or another low-energy device. However, make sure not to use a USB hub or a battery pack for charging of your Fitbit tracker. Instead, use a UL-certified USB wall charger. Fitbit strongly recommends charging the tracker with the cable that came with the device as it is the most compatible with the tracker.
  • Greater Compatibility: This is probably the most amazing feature of Fitbit trackers. These devices are highly compatible with over 200 Apple, Android or Windows 10 phones and tablets. Your Fitbit tracker will comfortably sync up with devices which run iOS 10 or even higher and on Android OS 5.0 or higher.

So these are some of the things that you can expect from the Fitbit sleep tracker. Make sure to gather additional information on the model of the tracker you are buying to ensure you are getting a bang for your buck.

Some Considerations for Fitbit Sleep Tracker


Fitbit trackers and devices often come equipped with customizable bands, and their cleaning requirements vary depending on the type of band one has.

For example, if you have an elastomer band, cleaning the band on your wrist with water or some alcohol would do. You should never clean your device using a soap, sanitizer, body soap, dish soap, hand soap or any cleaning wipes. That’s because these will get trapped between the band and your hand’s skin leading to irritation.

If you have a leather band, you must wipe them down with a non-abrasive lint-free cloth, lightly dampened at most. You should know that Fitbit’s leather bands are NOT water-proof! If you clean one with water, it will discolor. Excessive cleaning of metal bands with water will make them discolored and tarnished.


As much as we all want to keep check of our activities, especially those that directly affect our physical and emotional well-being, it is not quite always possible. There’s one important reason behind that: The price. There’s however good news.

Fitbit trackers are priced competitively making them one of the most affordable and reliable devices available in the market! If you are looking for a simple and basic sleep and fitness tracker, you may want to invest in a less expensive device.

However, if you need a device that offers greater detail, there are more expensive and more sophisticated options available. Since Fitbit offers a range of trackers, you are likely to get one on your specific budget!

Warranty and Return Policy

If you don’t like the product offered by Fitbit, you’re welcome to return it. However, the return will have to be made within 45 days of shipment to get a full refund. For customers living in the United States, Fitbit’s return tool can be used to initiate returns. Please note that while refund is available, you cannot exchange Fitbit tracker at this time.

Fitbit sleep and fitness tracker comes with a limited one-year warranty. However, devices purchased in the European Economic Area are an exception as for this area; the device has a two-year warranty.


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Overall Summary

For those who are worried about their sleeping habits, Fitbit’s sleep tracker is a highly recommended device. With the help of this tracker, you will not only be able to determine and diagnose your problem, but it will also help you overcome the problem.
And the best part is that its price is well within the range of fitness trackers that are equipped with the capabilities as Fitbit. But the benefit that you get with Fitbit like the tracking of women’s health and its highly appealing design make it a number one choice for every type of user.

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