An Unbiased Denver Mattress Review

An Unbiased Denver Mattress Review

Denver Mattresses are the best of the best. Denver Mattress Co. is known for its state of the art products and marrying high quality with affordability. The company has been in the mattress business for over 20 years, and their mattresses have been the go-to choice for many families.

The company has more than 22 different models in its mattress lineup. All of these mattresses offer supreme comfort, pressure-response zoned coils, and high-density foam: the trifecta of the perfect mattress for the common household. It is by virtue of their superior mattress quality and the price point at which these mattresses are sold that makes Denver such a desirable mattress

Denver Company regularly scores in the A-A+ region in customer satisfaction and the company even has the support of Dr. Brian Wieder (one of the leading neurosurgeons of the world). In a world full of seemingly high-quality mattresses. Denver might be the most perfect. Also don’t forget to check our Purple mattress review.

Pros and Cons OF Getting Denver Mattresses:


  • Denver mattresses come in all sizes and shapes. Whatever your size and sleeping style maybe; Denver has a mattress for you.
  • Denver mattresses are known for their robustness; especially their latex models.
  • Denver mattresses are surprisingly cheap.
  • Denver’s innerspring and hybrid mattresses are known for their robust edge support, relatively cool sleep and responsiveness to aid in sex.


  • Denver’s innerspring and hybrid mattresses are not known to be particularly durable and are famous for being loud.
  • The latex models of the Denver co are quite warm to sleep on.

Most Popular Mattress by Denver:

Doctor’s Choice® Mattress:

The cream of the crop. Doctor’s Choice® Mattress has it all: plenty of firmness options, brilliant edge foam support, zoned coils and most importantly, a $349 starting point. Apart from some complaints about quick sagging by customer possessing above- average body type, this might be the perfect mattress.

Aspen Mattress in a Box:

The Denver’s Aspen mattress in a box has 4 layers of foam, including but not limited to slow response air foam and high-density foam core. The Denver’s Aspen mattress in a box offers a variety of firmness options and you can choose the one most suitable to you. Just like the Doctor’s choice, the Aspen also has an issue with quick sagging.

Athlete’s Choice™ Mattress:

The Athlete’s is priced at the higher end, $529. For your money: you get an all foam mattress with a copper-infused foam that does an excellent job of diffusing the heat. Customers love the way that the Athlete’s Choice™ Mattress feels and most buyers have been singing praises about the level of comfort that the Athlete provides. It is not the most durable mattress on the market, so you will have to be a little careful.

Green Choice® Mattress Reviews:

The Green choice is the more earth-friendly option by the Denver co. The Green Choice comes in a variety of firmness options and is budget friendly as well. These mattresses use upcycled foam to keep the cost down and help the environment. However, they might not be as comfortable as other non-earth friendly mattresses. Also, the green choice suffers from sagging.

Buena Vista®:

The Buena Vista Denver Mattress only offers up to two firmness option: firm and plush. The Buena is very well liked by the customers and is the 3rd most popular mattress in the company’s lineup with an insanely low price of just $208; it is basically a steal. The Buena boasts foam quilted covers and wrapped individual coils for support. Though the Buena is not robust enough to be a permanent fixture of the bedroom, it will do nicely for a temporary mattress.


The Denver mattress construction is slightly different for each mattress, but generally, the company has a simple: no cover and three layer design.

  • The first layer is also known as the quilt layer and it also functions as the cover of the mattress. The top layer is made using polyfoam which is one of the cheapest on the market. It does a good job of letting air flow and to protect the two important layers beneath the top layer.
  • The second layer is also known as the comfort layer. The comfort layer is made using gel-infused memory foam. The gel-infused memory foam is further supported by tiny gel particles/beads. The gel particles plus the gel-memory foam work in conjunction to help release the heat from your body. The gel also does an excellent job of aligning the spine of the sleeper and relieving pressure, but on the flip side, the memory foam is not very durable.
  • The third layer or the base layer is made using tempered steel coils. The coils do an excellent job in providing firmness to the mattress and supporting the body of the person sleeping on it.

Firmness and Comfort:

When it comes to mattresses: firmness and comfort don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Depending on the size, the weight, and the shape of your body: you can choose the most comfortable mattress for you, that mattress could be very firm or very soft. It is up to you.

Whatever your weight, shape, and size of your body: Denver has your back. Denver has a whole variety of mattresses that are well equipped to going to cover your every need. The 22 different models can be separated into three primary groups.  The innerspring and hybrid mattresses offer excellent edge support. The comfort layer in both of the mattresses reduces body pressure greatly. Both of these mattresses are among the very best for more intimate activities.

The Latex model, on the other hand, offers above- average pressure relief. The latex model is famous for the level of quietness it provides. All three of the models have been tested by neurosurgeon around the world and the consensus is that Denver mattresses are great for your spine. The make and build quality make it perfect for stomach, back and side sleepers.

Temperature Regulation:

The temperature of the mattress can make or break a good night’s sleep. Running hot in the bed can ruin sleep. Some like the mattress feeling cold, others hot, and others still prefer a more balanced temperature. The temperature of the mattress depends on heat retention.

The heat retention of Denver mattresses depends on the model of the mattress. The Denver Innerspring mattresses retain less heat than any other mattresses; thus are cooler than any other mattress on the market to sleep on. The latex model retains a greater amount of heat than the other two counterparts and is warm to sleep on.


The sinkage of the mattress depends more on the weight and size of the person. All mattresses display some amount of sinkage after consistent use, and Denver mattresses are more susceptible to sinkage than most.

Denver’s are not known as the most durable of products and tend to display the signs of sinkage pretty early on. For a weighty person, a Denver is not recommended. For a person with average body weight; all models of Denver will display a sinkage level of between 1” to 2” depending on the model that you have purchased.

Motion Transfer:

Rolling over is natural when it comes to sleeping. We all do it and that is why motion transfer is so important so that we don’t wake up the person that is sleeping next to us. Denver’s innerspring mattresses can be very bouncy and the comfort level does nothing to keep the motion transfer to a low.

If you or your partner are relatively uneasy sleepers than the innerspring is not the one for you, but the great thing about the Denver is that it has a whole host of mattresses. The customer who wants low motion transfer should look at the memory foam.

Edge Support:

Edge support is one of the most important aspects of a mattress. A mattress with bad edge support can ruin the whole sleeping experience. Most people tend to sleep in the middle of a mattress, but they tend to sit on the edge of the mattress. This can seriously affect the durability of the mattress.

The latex Mattresses from Denver are notorious for their poor edge support. Considerable sitting on the edge of the latex model can make the mattress compress/sink before its time. The innerspring and hybrid mattresses are more immune to sinkage and compression: they have better edge support.

Responsiveness and Support:

Endy Firmness:

Endy Mattresses are not the firmest mattresses on the block. On average the Mattresses earn a rating of 5-6 on a scale of 1 to 10. This may not sound like much, but what the Endy mattresses lack in firmness; they more than make up for in softness. The mattresses have a very soft, and cozy feel to them. The cover is plenty breathable, allowing for a nice passage of airflow.

The Endy mattresses will do nicely for lightweight and semi-lightweight persons. The built and design of the mattresses is excellent for back sleepers. For side- sleepers Endy Mattresses will take some getting used to, but this is not the mattress for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers’ hips will sink fairly easily into the mattresses and this may cause some back pain, and the spine can become improperly aligned after extended use.

Casper Firmness:

Casper mattress firmness could ideally be defined as a medium level. The mattresses are rated a solid 6 on a scale of 1-10. This rating means that for most of the people buying this mattress will be more than happy with the level of firmness. The mattress has some firmness, but it is not too firm. The firmness of the mattress allows for a minimum of sinking and add to the durability of the mattress.

Casper mattresses are ideal for stomach and back sleepers. The Mattresses are firm enough that stomach and back sleepers will not sink into the mattress, although side sleepers might face a bit more difficulty in sleeping on a Casper. The firmness of the mattress may cause some pain in their hips or shoulders.



Denver co. offers some of the best mattresses in the market, but more than the build quality, it is the very reasonable price of the mattresses that has allowed Denver to enjoy such success. They have hit upon a winning formula; build quality relatively products and offer them at a reasonable price and it seems to be working them.

You can rest easy that Denver mattresses have your back (pun intended). Although durability is a big issue when it comes to Denver, the affordable price point makes even that shortcoming a bit smoother pill to swallow. If you are unsure about what mattress to buy Denver is as good choice as any.

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