An Unbiased Costco Mattress Review

An Unbiased Costco Mattress Review

Costco is more famous for its nation-wide clubs: If you live in America; you might even be a member, but Costco is also in the mattress business.  Costco offers third-party mattresses. You will have to go and select one from the store because ordering online will mean that you will have to pay 5% extra, plus at a physical Costco location: you have the added benefit of checking out the product firsthand.

Costco offers a wide array of choices; from the highly diverse line of queen beds to the more budget choices of carrier adjustable beds. The queen beds prices range from the reasonable $699- to the mind-bogglingly high price point of $1799. The mattresses available at Costco are made using a variety of mattress technologies. They offer an excellent lineup of innerspring, foam hybrids, latex, memory foam hybrid, and simple memory foam.

Costco is host to a whole variety of third-party mattresses that are known for providing comfortable sleep and quality build. A quick trip to the local Costco should yield fruitful return.

No matter which model or make of mattress you decide on buying; Buying mattresses at costco is the smart choice.

Advantages of Getting Mattresses from Costco:

  • Top-Notch Customer Support: One of the thing that makes Costco mattresses stand out from the crowd is the A+ customer support. As Costco only sells to its members that is why it is so vigilant against complaints. They strive to provide above average customer support. You can reach out to their customer department and you will be heard day or night. They have been in the business of selling things long enough to know that a happy customer means more profit.
  • Excellent Return Policies: Costco also boasts one of the best return policies in the whole industry. Most companies have excellent return policies but they rarely adhere to the policies, rather, most companies will look for extravagant loopholes. Costco adheres to the very letters of their return policies.
  • Diversity of Great Mattresses: Although mattresses might not be the primary forte of Costco, the mattresses that they offer boast above average build quality and they have a whole host of unique, and diverse mattresses in their inventory. Couple this with the customer service and you will not be disappointed.
  • Available Nationwide: Costco is also available nationwide. Costco has stores almost everywhere and the stores offer delivery services as well. Some products are available at the headquarters of Costco and they also offer delivery services on them.

Some Popular Mattresses at Costco:

Costco mattress offers a highly diverse range of exciting and innovative mattresses. Some of their best products are given below:


The Kirkland Signature mattresses are made by Sterns & Foster, a well established mattress maker in the industry.  This mattress is 14.5 ” mattress with gel infused and regular memory foam.  With a medium feel and a nice pillowtop this mattress is great for all positions and is great for side sleepers.  With queens under $1200 this is a nice, thick mattress for the price.

  • Pro: The brand has excellent customer ratings and Sterns & Foster is well established.
  • Con: Newer products can only be purchased from Costco so there is not a long history on longevity for this model.


The Casper Select mattress features four layers of premium foam for the perfect balance of softness and support. The Zoned Support™ system treats your shoulders and hips differently for deeper comfort and better alignment. Just the right sink, just the right bounce. Two technologies come together for better nights and brighter days. Our mattress is made with premium foam for cooling and bounce – ensuring breathability and durability for years to come. Each of the four layers provides unparalleled support and comfort. Our bed is resilient enough to compress-ship and fit through any door! The Casper Select brings better sleep, all in a magically compact box.

  • Pro: The brand has excellent customer ratings and its newer offerings have received exceptional reviews as well
  • Con: Newer products can only be purchased directly from the brand


Ghost-bed offers some of the best mattresses in the business and the company offers top of the line foam mattresses. The main claim to fame of Ghost-Bed mattresses is their unwillingness to compromise on build quality. The company has long been known to use only the best product for their mattresses.

Ghost-bed mattresses offer astonishing built quality to go with fantastic durability. The material also makes the ghost-bed one of the most comfortable mattress that you are ever likely to use. While ghost bed has a wide variety of mattress models available at Costco, their top of the line Ghostbed Luxe is currently absent from the store. The rest are going to cost you around $495-$1825 witch is the full mattress costco price

  • Pro: Affordable mattresses and value for the price
  • Con: Costco does not sell Ghostbed Luxe


Tempur-Pedic is one of the most recognizable mattress company in the U.S household. The majority of us know of somebody using Tempur-Pedic mattresses or maybe you are personally using them. Tempur-Pedic may not have all of their mattresses present at Costco but they have most of them.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses offer up a high blend of high-end foam and comfort. Tempur-Pedic is not known for making budget-friendly options and you are going to have to pay a premium price of 1499-$2599 for their mattresses.

  • Pro: Competitive price especially for the memory foam mattresses
  • Con: Not a wide selection and full or twin versions are also not available at Costco

Simmons Beauty Rest:

Simmons Beauty rest has long been synonymous with luxury and high quality. The brand brings with it an air of luxury. The Simmons Beauty rest begins at a steeper price than many of its counterpart and for the steep price, you will be getting multiple firmness options and a high degree of comfort.

Simmons Beauty rest mattresses, despite their high price, still suffer from an issue of durability and most mattresses from Simmons beauty rest see sinkage inside a year and a half. The durability coupled with the expensive price point makes buying a Simmons a tough pill to swallow but to each his own. The prices may start at $499 but go all the way to $4499.

  • Pro: A wide range of firmness options
  • Con: Some users have reported durability issues

Brentwood Home:

Brentwood home is an eco-friendly mattress brand from California. For far too long the prospect of saving the earth came at the cost of substandard products. Brentwood seeks to fix that. Brentwood mattresses have brought forth innovative design. Their mattresses have organic bedding and hypoallergenic foam. While, for the most part, Brentwood are durable; they may not be very comfortable.

Brentwood is not going to make people switch from the conventional mattresses to the eco-friendly ones, but Brentwood does offer you the bang for your buck. Brentwood mattresses can cost you from a meager $399 to $1349 for the more high-end option. Saving the planet can be a thankless and a hard job; it seems.

  • Pro: Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Con: Some users have complained about the lasting quality and initial feel

Comfort Tech:

Comfort tech has carved a nice little market for themselves. They excel in the low budget mattress niche. They have a variety of all foam options present at Costco, though not all. The chief features of comfort tech have been there good initial comfort.

The mattresses do over time suffer sinkage and not known for being particularly durable, but at the price point, durability is not really expected. All of Comfort tech’s mattress falls nicely in the $249-$499 price range.

These mattresses might not be the most ideal for long term sleeping in but are an excellent choice for a temporary mattress and for college students.

  • Pro: Very low price and high initial comfort
  • Con: Durability issues have been reported by some users


Blackstone is one of the most popular mattress brand present at Costco.  Blackstone may not be the best mattress brand; their customer reviews range from pretty bad to above average, but what makes Black stone stand apart in a sea of crowded mattress companies is the price point at which they offer their mattresses.

If you can live with the medium- firm feel, the hot temperature and off-gassing smell of the mattress then you should definitively go for this all-foam mattresses.

Blackstone Mattresses begin at an unbelievably low price of $189; the more quality mattresses cost around $749.

  • Pro: All-foam options are low priced and are initially comfortable as well
  • Con: May not have a lot of firmness and sleep a little hot as well


Novaform is another brand that has benefited massively with its relationship from Costco. Novaform offers various model mattresses in the all-foam variety. Novaform mattresses also come in a variety of firmness options. The most popular model is the Serafina Pearl, it comes equipped with three layers of foam, and the third layer is cooling gel memory foam.

Novaform is perhaps the ideal balance between quality and cost. They are not priced terribly high and the comfort level of the mattress if good. The mattresses do have a tendency to fall apart sooner than expected but at a price point of $399-$1899 that is to be expected.

  • Pro: Both the firm and soft all-foam mattress have a discount
  • Con: Some mattresses have been reported as not durable by some users


Sealy has long been a staple of Costco. Sealy has a diverse line of mattresses and offers both plush and firm mattresses. Both versions are known to be very comfortable, but extensive use of Sealy mattresses give away to a whole host of problems.

Sealy mattresses suffer from durability issues as well as sinkage and sagging and might be ill-equipped to deal with different body types and body shapes. Sealy has also been long known to suffer from quality control issues. The prices of their mattresses range from $429 to $1399. Witch is the full mattress costco price

  • Pro: A range of comfort options at a competitive price
  • Con: There are some reports about low quality and durability

Stearns & Foster:

Stearns & Foster used to be a luxury brand, but the brand has seen much better days. Costco only sells one of their mattresses; all others were discontinued because of the complaints of the customer. This means that you will be getting the Kirkland for a highly affordable price.

Kirkland has been known to suffer quick sagging, but if lady luck is on your side then you will be able to enjoy a luxury item for a much-budgeted price.

  • Pro: High end brand of mattress at very affordable price
  • Con: Some reports on issues with discomfort after some time and quick sagging


Over to You:

If you are looking for a mattress for yourself and are on a tight budget, these top 10 mattresses by Costco are worth looking into. Though you may not get the feel of sleeping on the cloud or the durability of a Tank, you will surely get value for your money. This is the reason that Costco is so popular among its customers because they provide users with mattresses from popular brands at affordable prices.

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