An In-Depth Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base Review [Unbiased]

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base Review

Base Summary

Classic brands is known for its exciting adjustable base features. To be in bed is fun now. The remote control aids in altering the position of moving your head and feet to the desired position with simply a touch of a key. It lets you read, work, watch, sleep or relax on your mattress.

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Build Quality/Materials: 5/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.9/5

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An In-Depth Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base Review [Unbiased]

There are tons of adjustable beds available in the market but finding the one that is durable, highly flexible and offers great comfort can be an arduous task especially if you are getting the adjustable bed for the first time. To make it easier for you to get yourself the perfect adjustable beds, we have done several reviews on the market’s leading adjustable beds, and this one by Classic Brands is one of them. If you want to know more about the bed and its top features, stick to this unbiased review till the end:

Overview of the Classic Brands Adjustable Base:

Classic brands is known for its exciting adjustable base features. To be in bed is fun now. The remote control aids in altering the position of moving your head and feet to the desired position with simply a touch of a key. It lets you read, work, watch, sleep or relax on your mattress.

Classic brands believe in offering its customers modern solutions coupled with their products which is why their adjustable beds come with USB ports allowing you to charge your phone. Furthermore, the bed is available in the smooth and strong design that ensures zero slipping from the mattress.

They have provided a steel retainer rod near the mattress foot to avoid slipping from the bed. The bed can collaborate with memory foam and latex mattresses, or any mattress that seems to go with an adjustable bed.

Why Should You Get An Adjustable Base?

There are innumerable reasons to get an adjustable bed. But two major reason described by a lot of people is; comfort and convenience. An adjustable bed can do wonders by providing comfortable sleeping position to expecting mothers and backache sufferers; it aids in comforting hot flashes, menopause sciatica patients, paining in the lumbar region etc.

The benefit of the adjustable base is the angle than can be altered so you can get different sleeping surfaces other than just flat. It eliminates the requirement of multiple pillows for the comfort of your back.

The bed easily alters the position and can fit an angle that is appropriate for watching TV, reading, or simply laying — adjustable bases—especially the hassle-free ones that come with the remote make sitting in the bed exciting.

Construction & Features of the Bed:

Sustainability of any adjustable bed basically relies on the manufacturing quality of its base. The frame of classic brand adjustable beds is made of steel.

These days most of the adjustable beds are available in four legs option. But the classic brand is among the pioneer manufacturers of adjustable beds which is why their version comes with a whopping six legs providing excellent support to the base.

They have recently added the two legs to make their beds six-legged. The newly added two legs are attached from the middle to support the whole structure and improve the durability of the bed.

Along with these facilities you have benefits of trial and warranty period. If the damage is within the policy, a replacement can be made.

Boasts Dual-Motors:

The adjustable bed by Classic Brands has the option of dual motors; one at the anterior end and the other at the posterior end. The best part is that the motors are neither noiseless nor noisy; they become quiet at the time of adjustments or performing massage functions.

The massage quality given by these motors is unmatched by competitors. We’ll discuss more the massage feature later in this article.

Wireless Remote Controller:

While the recently launched adjustable beds like Hofish, iDealBed and Ghostbed lack the options of cordless remote, Classic Brands boasts a wireless remote control.

Just like the name of the brand, their wireless remote is slim with a classic touch.

The visual screen feature of remote is not only exciting but highly beneficial as it tells you all about the functions you can perform by flashing the readings on the screen for your ease.

Offers Pre-Set Positions:

Classic brands adjustable bed gives you four options of different preset positions that are controllable through the remote system.

  • Zero-Gravity: In an entirely weightless position, the head and foot segments are lifted to a certain level. This posture counts a lot in maintaining blood circulation. It minimizes the pressure on your spine and inhibits stress to be generated in key pressure points. It has a feature of air columns that help to minimize snoring by enhancing breathing patterns.
  • TV/PC:  Angle of 30 degrees favors the position for the head section that is ideal for the head and neck alignment so users can enjoy watching TV or working on Laptop without putting a strain on their neck. It’s perfect for reading or giving rest to your body. This posture relieves pressure on the neck and vertebral column. In other cases this step is done by using tons of pillows that are not placed properly and fail to support the back that leads to critical backache.
  • Lounge: This one is the most relaxing position where the head is lifted upwards by a few degrees while the foot section stays flat. It is ideal for listening to music, reading books or just chilling on the bed.
  • Flat: This one is the standard flat position. With this one, you don’t worry about the alterations you made that you don’t want anymore. You can just revert all changes back by the touch of the button. It will turn flat like your regular bed.

The bed adopts the position by moving the head and foot sections together very calmly and swiftly without hassle.

If you are interested in other positions apart from presets, it is doable. You can customize the head and foot tilt individually. However, there is a little hitch; you cannot save it in the preset list.

Positions Can Be Programmed:

No matter what, options are available to the program and then save the positions. Classic Brands has the adaptability to reprogram and secure the defined preset positions discussed up there.

It means you have the choice of resetting the Zero-gravity, TV/PC and Lounge preset positions up to your requirement and save.

This not only saves a lot of your time but also instantly provides you with the position you frequently use to sleep on.

Two-Sided Massage:

The bed possesses dual massage option, with motors allocated for head and foot sections and three intensity settings – High, Medium and Low.

You can utilize the built-in timer to use the massage function and enjoy a heavenly massage experience for 15 minutes straight.

It’s very easy to use the massage feature; all you need to do is to set the timer, start massage and motors will be off automatically when the timer ends.

Features USB Ports:

Though there are no USB ports in adjustable bases from other brands, Classic Brands lives up the expectations from its customers by always going above and beyond to offer greater accessibility.

The adjustable bases by Classic Brands come with two USB ports offering you and your partner separate ports to charge your phones.

Adjustable Height:

The adjustable bases by Classic Brands come in the sizes of 4 inches and 6.5 inches of separate units for each leg. When combined together, the legs can offer you a height of around 10.5 inches. The length can be controlled depending upon the height of your mattress.

Furthermore, Classic Brands’ bed comes with six legs instead of four legs which means you get extra strength when adjusting the bed.

Mattress Retention System

One of the primary issues that people face with adjustable beds is that their beds tend to slightly move when they are adjusting them. But with the Classic Brands’ adjustable beds, you don’t have to face this issue.

They leverage the advanced mattress retention bar at the foot level. This bar is broad enough to keep the mattress at its place when the adjustments are made.

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