Guide on Best Earplugs for Sleeping – Our Top Picks

Guide on Best Earplugs for Sleeping – Our Top Picks

The world we live in today is not so silent anymore. With roads beside every house and commercial places around every corner, you can expect noises coming to your bedroom. So if that’s the case with you and you are tired of such them disturbing your sleep and causing you to lose your focus, you should consider getting earplugs. also don’t forget to check our Guide on Antihistamines.

Earplugs are cheap, small, lightweight, and very comfortable to use and can provide you with a lot of benefits. To know what their common uses are, their benefits, drawbacks, and more along with our top picks of best earplugs for sleeping, read this guide till the end.

What Are Earplugs Used For?

People who want to protect their ears from loud noises by dimming or entirely blocking the noises from entering their ears so they can focus on something usually take help from earplugs that they just put in their ears. There are tons of ways in which earplugs are used, and some of the common ones include:

  • If you are disturbed by the snores of your partner
  • If you are staying at a place that has very high noise potential
  • Your bedroom is near a loud commercial establishment or a busy street
  • You are doing meditation and want to block all noises
  • You are travelling by transport that has loud noise like a train
  • You just want to get a good night’s sleep without any noise disturbances

There are many situations where you might find earplugs handy as their job is to block out noises so having these smaller than palm plugs in your room, luggage or purse will provide you with a lot of benefits.

Common Types of Ear Plugs:

Most of the earplugs that are being sold nowadays come in three different materials and one thing common in all of them is that they are soft, so your ears don’t get irritation with continuous use. Have a look at these materials types below:

  • Foam: This one is the most common materials used for earplugs and is usually the cheapest because it’s just foam. These earplugs are designed to fit inside your ear canal, and then they start to expand to create a soundproof barrier.
  • Silicone: These earplugs are designed to cover the whole entrance of the ear without doing much penetration into it. This makes these silicone earplugs very easy to insert and remove.
  • Wax: These earplugs can be more expensive than both foam and silicone even though they are made to be used one-time only. The reason they are still bought by users is that they are claimed to be most effective in blocking noises.

Benefits of Earplugs:

  • You can easily carry them with you even in your pocket because they are small and very lightweight
  • You just need to put them in your ears, and all the noises that are disturbing you will fade away
  • Earplugs are great to be used for situations where you need to focus on your work but there’s too much noise
  • With waterproof earplugs, you can enter the swimming pool without any fear of getting an infection
  • Earplugs stop the air from entering into your ear so it can prevent the pain from air pressure when you are in an airplane
  • You get a long lasting and peaceful sleep with earplugs
  • You can even use earplugs instead of a white noise machine

Drawbacks of Using Earplugs:

  • You need to regularly clean your ear and before using the earplugs to make sure you don’t get wax buildup in your ear that can cause issues like ear infections, leaky discharge or even loss of hearing
  • You also need to regularly clean your earplugs or use new ones after a few uses to make sure that you are not using bacteria-infested earplugs that can cause infections in your ears as well
  • Because you use earplugs while sleeping, you may not be able to hear certain sounds such as emergency situations where a family member or roommate might be calling you for help, but you cannot hear them due to earplugs

Best Earplugs for Sleeping – Our Top Picks:

Howard Leight Max-1 Earplugs

Made from polyurethane foam, this bell-shaped earplug is unequivocally the best if you are looking for excellent noise reduction at the price of pennies. The earplug has an excellent fit that is highly comfortable as well. The best part is that it is meticulously designed to stay in its place. Some of the primary features are:


  • Effectively blocks noises with its 33dB noise reduction rating
  • Made of foam that is lightweight and also a light on your ears
  • Twistable bell shape expands once inside the ear to keep noises from penetrating
  • Very affordable with around 20-25 cents per pair in packs of 20 to 200 pairs
  • Designed to stay in place

Perfect For: People who are looking for a high level of noise blocking

6800 Pura-Fit Soft Foam Earplugs by Moldex

There is no doubt that these are the most affordable and undoubtingly highly effective earplugs available in the market. The best part is that their cylindrical design perfectly hugs the inside of your ear, not allowing any sound or air to go in. The earplugs are sold by a well-known brand; Moldex so getting it at such low price doesn’t mean you will be compromising on quality. Have a look at some of its features:


  • Effectively blocks noises with its 33dB noise reduction rating
  • Very affordable with around 14 cents per pair in a pack of 200 pairs
  • More comfortable than its costlier competitors
  • Made using a soft polyurethane foam that you can twist and fit in the ear
  • The long cylindrical shape ensures the earplug stays in place

Perfect For: Those who want excellent noise reduction at low price

Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs by Mack’s

If you are someone who likes to stay aware of their surroundings while ensuring minimal noises hitting their eardrums, then these silicone made earplugs with a 22dB noise reduction rating are just for you. These plugs come in a moldable circular shape that can fit in virtually any ear. Furthermore, you can just wash the earplug after every use and reuse it again. Some features are:


  • Unlike foam earplugs, silicone earplugs are reusable
  • They are exceptionally comfortable because of their softness
  • The earplugs have a moldable circular shape that can be molded to fit into any ear
  • Have 22dB noise reduction rating making them perfect for moderate noise reduction
  • Sold at a very affordable price of 60 to 70 cents per pair in small quantities

Perfect For: People who want soft earplugs and are looking for a moderate reduction in noise

  1. Wax Earplugs by Ohropax

Wax earplugs are rare and can be pretty expensive as well. But the reason why we have added these earplugs to our list is that they are even cheaper than silicone earplugs with just around 50 cents per pair. The wax is encased in soft cotton making the plugs very comfortable for the user. And since the earplugs are made of wax into a circular shape, you can mold them to easily fit into your ears. Some of the features are:


  • They form a secure seal in the ear as they are highly moldable
  • Surprisingly affordable for wax earplugs with around 50 cents per pair
  • Incredibly comfortable due to plush cotton encasement around the wax
  • Prevents water from seeping into ears when swimming
  • You can reuse these earplugs

Perfect for: Someone who needs a moderate reduction in sound and extremely soft earplugs

Super Sleep Comfort Earplugs by Flents

People who want to have a strong noise reduction but not as strong as the typical foam plugs that offer 33db noise reduction rating will find this one with a rating of 29dB pretty useful. Furthermore, its cylindrical shape made with foam will ensure the plugs stay in your ears, especially if you are a side sleeper. Though their price is 65 cents per pair which is more expensive than the regular foam earplugs, the come with a travel case. Some of the prominent features are:


  • Great for side-sleepers due to their thin and cylindrical shape that doesn’t protrude too much
  • Have 29dB noise reduction rating which is better than silicone and wax earplugs
  • Can be molded to easily fit and sit in the ears
  • Come with a travel case so you can hygienically store the earplugs
  • Sold in smaller 10 or 20 piece packs with an average price of 65 cents

Perfect for: People who need a high level of reduction in noise but not as high as the typical foam plugs

Things to Consider When Getting Earplugs:

  • Make sure the size of your ear/ear canal is right as some earplugs can be too wide or too narrow
  • There are different shapes like a bell, cylindrical, moldable and T-shaped, see which one is right for you
  • See if you want silicone, wax or foam which is less durable but more affordable than the former two
  • Check the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) which range between 20 and 34 for most but earplug with 27 or higher NRR is considered very effective
  • Make sure to be aware of which type of earplug you are getting; reusable or non-reusable

Over to You:

Earplugs indeed have tons of benefits and you can potentially replace them with your white noise machines if you find comfort in them. They are cheap, small and very travel-friendly which means you can carry them around with you all the time. However, make sure to pay attention to the material, shape, noise reduction rating and size of the earplugs to ensure they are perfect for you to get a bang for your buck.