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Where Can You Try Bear Mattresses in Minnesota

The Best Brands on Display in MN and FL

We display the most popular online brands. Although you may see marketing for a very popular brand, it may not be the right one for you. Trying them before you buy helps ensure you make the right choice, the first time.

Try Bear Mattresses in our Minneapolis MN Location

For Bear we display:

  • The Star Hybrid
  • The Hybrid Elite

Located at:

717 W 26th St, Minneapolis, MN


M-F 12-6

Sat-Sun 11-2

Try Bear Mattress in our St. Cloud MN Location

For Bear we display:

  • The Star Hybrid
  • The Hybrid Elite

Located at:

310 4th Ave NE, Waite Park, MN 56387


M-F 12-6

Sat 11-2

Try Bear Mattresses in our Tampa Florida Location

For Bear we display:

  • The Star Hybrid
  • The Hybrid Elite

Located at:

10047 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615


M-F 12-6

Sat 11-2

See our review of the Bear below

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear Elite Hybrid Discount Link

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Premium Bear Elite Hybrid, thick memory foam hybrid mattresses seem to be getting more and more expensive. But with a lot of great features packed in for cooling, is the Bear Elite worth the price?  Check out Bear Hybrid Mattress Reviews now and grab the best deal today.

BUild Quality/Materials: 4.7/5
Cooling: 4.9/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.7/5
Overall Value: 4.7/5

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear Mattresses newest offering is a 14″ hybrid designed to sleep cool.

Premium, thick memory foam mattresses seem to be getting more and more expensive. There is, however, a luxurious mattress that comes with an affordable price tag, the newest Bear Elite. The Bear Elite hybrid mattress is a 14”mattress with five layers that offers premium quality, superb comfort, and won’t break the bank.

Read on to find out what we think about the latest Bear Elite memory foam mattress.

Our Full Bear Elite Hybrid reviews Will be In TheVideo Below Includes All the Details on What to Expect Form This Bear Mattress.

You will love the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress If:

  • Are a Combo Sleeper: Want a mattress with excellent balance and a universal comfort level that hits that sweet-spot.  The Bear Hybrid Mattress is great for all positions, and they offer 2 other firmness’s to fit individual needs.
  • Sleep Hot: If you struggle with body temperature fluctuation whilst sleeping the bear mattress cooling feature will most definitely help you sleep cooler at night.
  • Pressure relief: This mattress has a nice balance of pressure relief and support.  It has good relief without being too soft.
  • Edge Support is important: Need solid edge support without losing the soft, luxurious finish.

You Might Not Like the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress if You:

  • Are looking for a foam mattress – however Bear Mattresses does offer a foam!
  • Want a very soft mattress – This model of Bear Hybrid Mattress was medium BUT they do offer a softer version.
  • Want a very bouncy mattress – Although this has good bounce with a coil unit the foam absorbs a lot.  If you want super bouncy I would look into a latex mattress.

Bear Elite Hybrid Motion Isolation

The Bear elite memory foam mattress absorbs any motion immediately. You don’t have to be irritated by your partner’s moving around in their sleep waking you up at night anymore. You should notice a huge improvement in the motion category, especially if you’re coming from an older interconnected coiled mattress.  As you can see in our review video the motion was good, even with a bad platform!  If motion is the MOST important thing to you, consider one of Bear’s all foam models which will be even better for motion reduction. But overall, you should not have issues with motion on this model at all.

Bear Elite Hybrid Comfort & Feel

Well, the Bear Elite is a memory foam mattress with a medium-firm feel that is perfect because it hits that “sweet-spot” when it comes to comfort. A mattress that accommodates all shapes and sizes of people as well as sleeping styles is definitely a winner. Especially for couples!

When you first lay down you notice that the mattress (luxury firm version) has great support without being too firm.  You will feel the quilting foam on top add a nice softness and then notice the slower responding memory foam underneath and the transition layer begin to cradle your body without giving you a stuck feeling.  You do not sink super far in on this model, which I think most people will enjoy.  It’s not too firm, and not too soft.

The Bear Elite is adaptable, conforming to your shape and sleeping style, and provides an ultra-comfy sleep.

The overall feel should be appealing to most sleepers.  However, for those seeking something even softer or extra firm they have those options too.   I think the middle firmness that we reviewed will be loved by most.

Delivery, Unboxing & Set-up of the Bear Hybrid Mattress

It’s really easy to have your Bear Pro memory foam mattress shipped right to your door. All it takes is a couple of clicks. Best of all, shipping is free! That’s right, you don’t need to pay large fees for delivery, it’s included in the price. Your new mattress will be delivered in a compact box ready to be unpacked in your bedroom. The box is a bit on the heavy side so it may be an idea to have a friend on hand to help you carry it.

Your mattress is roll-packed into a box. To unpack it you simply remove the mattress, cut away the plastic, and watch it expand. Although it appears to expand really quickly, it actually takes a few hours to expand completely so it is best if you give it a bit of time before you sleep on it.

Off Gassing

The Bear features virtually no off gassing odors whatsoever. This is because the mattress is constructed with eco-friendly foams that are free from harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. You will have a “new” smell with any brand, natural or not but it is not a bad off gassing I have experienced with some Chinese brands that lasts a long time.

And while this mattress is vacuum-sealed and compressed for the shipping process, there should be no strange odors or smells when you unpack it and set it up. Ultimately, these factors make it a great choice if you want a foam mattress that you can use almost immediately, without needing to wait for any off gassing odors to dissipate.

Edge Support

You will know that a foam mattress has good edge support by how much of the bed’s surface is usable. The more of the bed’s face you can use, the better the edge support is. Considering Edge Support is very important when purchasing a mattress. The last thing you want is a bed where you end up in the middle and the edges aren’t comfortably usable.

This mattress uses an edge-to-edge coil unit that has stronger coils on the edges to provide additional support to reduce they roll off the bed feeling.  I feel that the edge support does what it is supposed to do here.  Most people will not have an issue with edge support on the Elite.

Proper Edge Support will give you full use of the surface of the bed and have a perimeter that is solid enough to get in and out of bed comfortably. It will also be stable enough to allow for you to occasionally sit on the edge of your bed too.

How are Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Made

Elite Hybrid Features

  1. The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress cool to the touch, hypersoft hand-quilted cushioned cover combines PCM Fabric and Celliant fiber for all-night cooling and recovery while also providing supreme comfort without sinking in or feeling stuck.
  2. Copper-infused Memory Foam allows for a cool, clean sleep every night.
  3. Zoned & Cut Comfort Foam provides additional airflow and enhances specific pressure points differently in each of the five zoned sections to release muscle tension and provide lumbar support.
  4. Individually encased pocketed spring coils contour to your curves for exceptional comfort and support. Each coil reacts to your body’s pressure independently which minimizes and reduces movement.
  5. Edge-to-edge coils along the perimeter reinforce the strength and overall integrity of your mattress so you feel supported even while sitting.
  6. High-Density Support Foam provides base support and durability to the entire Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress.

Bear Elite Hybrid features

Bear Elite Hybrid Cover

The cover is soft and breathable on top for maximum comfort and the side panels are made form a firmer and more resilient fabric to provide a solid construction.

The cool to the touch, hypersoft hand-quilted cushioned cover combines PCM Fabric and Celliant fiber for all-night cooling and recovery while also providing supreme comfort without sinking in or feeling stuck.

It has a nice durable feel paired with cooling properties.

Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear Elite Hybrid Temperature:

The Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress is packed with some features to help with heat.  First of all, there is a quilting foam in the cover.  I believe personally that mattresses with a quilt sleep cooler.  It provides separation from the memory foam that can trap heat more.  Even with copper or gel infused memory foam they still sleep hotter than the quilting foam, so it is great to have that separation.

Next, as I mentioned this used copper infused memory foam.  This type of foam will not trap heat as much as traditional memory foam.  The copper is supposed to draw heat off your body and disperse it.  In my experience copper foam is a bit cooler but I still like the separation the quilt provides.

The third cooling feature is the 3rd layer in you can see the channels in the foam.  This will allow air to flow through the mattress better.  Additionally, the coil unit does the same thing.  Compared to an all-foam mattress with a solid foam core you will have much better airflow with this design.

Bear Elite Hybrid

Adjustable Base Performance:

All Bear Mattresses models work great on an adjustable base platforms. They will have no issues bending or recalling back to flat.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Price:

Twin$1291 with our link
Twin XL$1337 with our link
Full$1438 with our link
Queen$1584 with our link
Cal King$1884
Split King $2674

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Bear Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 5-7 business days.
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Trial Period – 120 nights
  • Discounts – Use our link above for the best price

When purchasing a mattress it is important to understand the quality of the product you are buying. You need to look at the materials used, the design of the mattress, and the benefits to your personal sleeping style and needs, as well as the price. Only once you’ve considered these elements will you be able to effectively ascertain whether the mattress is actually good value for money, or not.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress issurprisingly affordable considering all the benefits it has to offer. Queen size is the most popular size mattress ordered by our customers and will only set you back $1584. Considering the fact that this 4-layer, 12” mattress is made with premium foams, quality stat-of-the-art fabrics, and has a universal feel that suits most sleepers, it’s actually a steal! And the cherry on the top? You can rest assured you’re making a good choice because Bear Mattresses area reputable company that is dedicated to ensuring you get outstanding value for money.

There is more good news. Although the Bear Pro memory foam mattress is well-priced, Bear Pro understands that you may need help paying your new bed off. Bear has partnered with Affirm to offer you bed financing. There are some really easy payment solutions that will have you curled up on your soft and comfy Bear Pro mattress in no time.

The Bear Pro comes with a 10-year warranty which is the accepted life-span of a mattress.They also offer you a whopping 100 night trial period to give you time to decide that this is definitely the mattress for you. If it isn’t, Bear Pro will collect it and give you a full refund. This sleep trial only applies to mattresses purchased through the Bear website or any of their certified partners.

Bear Pro mattresses are definitely a value-for-money buy. They fall slightly short on their 100-night sleep trial as there are some companies that offer a 120-day trial. However, we don’t feel this is a deal breaker so we’re giving the Bear Pro a solid 9/10.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Reviews:

The Bear Elite memory foam mattress is so versatile that it gets the most ‘fan mail’ of all the mattresses in the Bear range. Happy people who sleep on their sides, stomach’s, and backs have sent us reviews, people who claim that the copper definitely improves their relaxation and impacts on the quality of their sleep, and couples who rave about the motion transfer feature. We’ve selected a few to give you an idea of what other buyers have to say about the Bear Pro.

Shelby had this to say,

No more hot nights!
Review by Shelby M. on 19 Jul 2022review stating No more hot nights!

6months ago I was waking up in pools of sweat in the middle of winter! We have had multiple 100+ degree temps this summer and We haven’t had to have our thermostat set below 75 since sleeping on the Bear Hybrid. I have been impressed with the comfort and the breathable material.

Caleb added this,

Finally good sleep
Review by Caleb F. on 5 Jul 2022review stating Finally good sleep

Sleeping so much better now! Perfect mix of firm/soft for us!

Sara. puts it in a nutshell,

Goodbye, night sweats!
Review by Sara N. on 10 Jun 2022review stating Goodbye, night sweats!

I like a soft mattress, but I sleep WAY hot. (Welcome to your 40s, ladies.) After reading lots and lots of reviews –including reviews of Bear’s customer service and returns policy — I decided it was time to move on from my Tempurpedic Cloud mattress and try the Elite Hybrid Luxury Plush. Honestly: great decision. I’m sleeping a ton better. There

 was an adjustment period going from a foam mattress to one with springs again, but it was worth it. I even put a blanket on my bed! Your sleep is an important investment. If you’re not sleeping, everything else is trash.

We have to agree with these customer reviews. The Bear Elite is an excellent buy because you are fitting versatility and luxury at an affordable price.

So, for Customer reviews, we’re giving Bear Pro 10/10. Well done!

Conclusion on the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress is a quality-built mattress that has a lot of cooling features.  The feel should be right up most people alley.  This luxury firm model was great for me in all sleeping positions.  It has good edge support.  It has great cooling features.  I feel that most people will enjoy this mattress and be impressed with the overall feel, quality and performance.

In addition, it’s easy to order, delivery is free, and the trial and warranty are more than generous, so you can’t really go wrong. If you’re not happy you can just return it. No questions asked. Bear Pro will come and take it away free of charge. You can then choose to replace the mattress or get 100% refund from Bear Pro.

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