Tula Explore Multi-Position Baby & Toddler Carrier (Splash)

The easy-to-use Tula Explore Baby Splash Carrier offers all the features you and baby need: variable width settings for use with newborns to toddlers (7-45 lbs), adjustable head support, and multiple carry positions including forward-facing and back carry. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position best for comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby. This carrier provides optimal comfort with padded shoulder straps and a padded waistband with webbing that adjusts from 27 – 57 inches.

Tula Explore Multi-Position Baby & Toddler Carrier (Splash) Review

tula explore carrier

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What we liked and disliked about the Tula Explore Multi-Position Baby & Toddler Carrier

Things you’ll like:

Large mesh panel from extra ventilation, It’s not a bulky carrier and has padded neck support and pillow for your newborn. We found this very easy-to-use comparatively. The carrier is one size fits all and has a waistband or 27 – 57.” The shoulder straps are dual-padded for comfort and the carrier has a removable mesh hood for sleeping, sun protection and nursing privacy which is a game changer. I also thought this carrier offers super stylish designs, supports bonding, and is comfortable.

Things you might not like: 

Some smaller framed mothers have said that straps do not come up high enough and the adjustable connection is hard to access for them. There is no lumbar support. Some users have stated its inconvenient to take on and off.


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Warranty, Shipping and More


Unable to locate warranty support on Amazon. When purchased directly on the website, the Explore carrier has a limited One – Year warranty.


Narrow settings: Minimum weight of 7 lbs, Middle Settings: Babies 3-9 months Wide Settings: taller babies 9 months+. If baby is smaller secure the snaps down on the pillow in the front, adjust front buttons to the wider top buttons for smaller children. When strapping on, make sure you hear and audible click around the waist button. Tighten strap accordingly to fit waist and then put baby in and clasp in your arms with the top clasp. Make sure the babies bottom is seated in an “M” position.

Shipping & Unboxing:

The carrier arrived in a week and all I had to do was take it out of the box and INSERT DESCRIPTION HERE.  Here is my unboxing video:

About the Company: 

The story of Tula begins with two people from distant worlds. I was born and raised in Poland. My husband Mike (Chi at the time) was born in Vietnam.

Mike & Ula met in college in the United States. With contrasting personalities, they had very little in common at first. The law of opposites seemed to connect us. Ula was outgoing and had my mind set on what I wanted to do after graduation. My husband was more reserved and loved traveling. Even though they had many differences, they were both spontaneous, worked hard, had fun, and traveled. A lot.

They visited Poland to see Ula’s family and a few times took the opportunity to backpack through Europe. On a few occasions they were lucky enough to tag along with Mike’s parents to visit his relatives in Vietnam. They saw amazing places and met incredible people and these great memories will always be a part of us. They were bitten by the insatiable travel bug and wanted more.

Mike & Ula traveled through Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina and after two adventurous months, they were prepared to fly to Brazil for our final stop. Then, while sitting in café in Buenos Aires with a huge appetite for comfort food, they realized that our family of two would be growing. 🙂

When their daughter was born, they wore her in a sling. They experienced how convenient baby-wearing was and how much it benefits both parent and baby. A few years later, their son was born and they discovered the ease of ergonomic carriers. They have tried many different carriers and never found one that completely satisfied us, so they had our Ba Noi (Vietnamese for Grandma) sew us one to our specifications. It was close to perfect.

At first they made carriers for friends and family. But whenever they traveled, strangers would inquire about the carriers. And that was just what they needed to focus their energy and passion. Since then, Mike & Ula have loved every single moment of it! They are now a family of five living in San Diego… still making carriers, still keeping their children close, and making many memories!

Today, it has become our mission to promote babywearing worldwide through our quality products, education, and community outreach in order to form a more perfect union between caregiver and child.

Existing Customer Reviews

Real Customer Reviews: 

5 stars – 82% of customers 

4 stars – 11% of customers

3 stars – 4% of customers 

2 stars – 1% of customers 

1 stars – 2% of customers

“After 2 months of researching these online and going to a bunch of stores to try different brands on, feeling like they were too stiff or bulky, too hot, or not supportive enough, I finally bought this. I wanted to give it enough time to give a real review, and definitely 5 stars! I have had this for 4 months now and used with baby 2 months old until now and will continue to use. It is soft and comfy for me and definitely keeps me cooler than the other carriers and slings we have (which is important in South Texas). It takes about 15 seconds to get baby in it and adjusted. He’s happy whether he is awake or sleepy, but does typically fall asleep in it after a couple minutes. It has everything I was hoping for! If you are on the fence or spending countless hours researching, look no further. This is it! ” – Chanel (5 out of 5 stars)

“First off, I do love this carrier. Baby is very comfortable in it. The shoulder straps are fantastic and the overall fit is good except for the missing lumbar support! I had terrible lower back pain after using it. I never get that kind of back pain with the Ergobaby 360, which I also own. I wore my baby facing in, all snug and close to me to reduce pressure on lower back but the rather narrow belt felt incredibly uncomfortable on my lower back. I am 5’9″, slender and have a small waist and wide hips – maybe it just doesn’t work well for that body type? Compared to the Ergobaby 360, I prefer that the Baby Tula Explore is a lot less bulky and so much softer but sadly I just can’t wear it for long periods of time because of the missing lumbar support. Considering how expensive this carrier is, I wish Baby Tula included the lumbar support (you can buy it separately on their website for $19) like their competition Ergobaby and Lillebaby does. So even though I love so much about this carrier I returned it. I refuse to pay an extra $19 (+shipping of course) for something that should already be included in the first place for an already very pricey item.” – Julia (3 out of 5 stars)

“The fabric is so soft and the material is light and airy. I love everything about it except for the waist area. Support does not go all around so there is no lumbar support. I got the Ergo baby 360 with lumbar support and it is so much better. This Tula would be a winner if there was more support. Hopefully the next version will be better.” – Vi (3 out of 5 stars)

“Our baby loves this carrier. We choose this model from Tula because of the option to carry baby facing outward. We were carrying him that way in a different carrier but he’d gotten too big to be properly supported and it was getting to be hard on our backs. This carrier gives great support for baby and is much more comfortable for us. It took me about a week to feel totally comfortable wearing the carrier — the waist strap took some getting used to and left my low back a little sore at first. I feel great wearing it for long periods now. My partner likes it as well and it is not hard for different wearers to adjust the fit. It does take some patience to learn how to set the carrier up for different holds and get it adjusted to your comfort. Tula has excellent and blessedly short how-to videos available on You Tube that help in the beginning. We went with the coast model (with the mesh in the front) and I am glad we did. We live in NC and it is much more likely that we’d be too hot in the carrier than for baby to be too cold. We did purchase this thinking we could use it with other babies down the line. I’m not sure if I’d like it with a brand newborn (seems like a lot of material and bulk for a tiny baby) but could see loving it once baby was 2 months old or so. I liked stretchy wraps when our baby was small but that’s just a matter of personal preference. I’d absolutely recommend this.” – Erin Collins (5 out of 5 stars)

“This is the perfect carrier for parents on the go. The easy to put on design, and soft foldable straps make this my go-to carrier! It’s also lightweight and even on the sweatiest of days the carrier still stays a lot more cool than my ergo. The only downfall is that the front pocket is a bit flimsy. Wish it had a zip instead of velcro. Feels like my phone is gonna fall out.” -MFournie (5 out of 5 stars)

“Love the pattern! The mesh carrier was a must for me, with a little one going into spring and summer in NC. Definitely recommend reading through the user manual to figure out the different settings, but overall it feels comfortable and hoping it lasts as long as it promises.” – Upset (5 out of 5 stars)

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