Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review

Tuftv and Needle Mint Mattress Video Review

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Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress Review

This mattress is the latest high-quality sleep product from Tuft & Needle and essentially it is an upgraded version of the company’s original mattress, which was a very popular product in its own right.

Founded in 2012, Tuft & Needle specializes in crafting high-quality mattresses that are made entirely in the United States out of only the best materials, so you can rest assured that this new Mint mattress will provide you with an excellent sleep experience.

It features three layers of foam and is specially designed to be better for temperature regulation than the original Tuft & Needle mattress, while also offering more breathability. It is also designed to be even more comfortable and supportive than the original mattress, making it a truly spectacular new addition to the bed-in-a-box market.

You will like the Mint if you:

  • Want a memory foam mattress that offers both comfort and support. Thanks to the specially designed foam layers, this mattress provides both plush comfort (thanks to the top layer) and also great support (thanks to the high-density foundation layer).
  • Want a memory foam mattress that stays cool. The Mint mattress has 30% more graphite than original Tuft & Mattress, making it even greater at regulating temperature. It also has a layer of gel-infused foam that features a special Ceramic Gel that is five times better at absorbing and dissipating body heat.

You might not like the Mint Mattress if you:

  • Don’t like memory foam. Because this mattress is made entirely out of different types of foams, it’s probably not a good choice for you if you dislike the feel and consistency of memory foam mattresses.
  • Want a firm mattress. While the Mint mattress does offer greater than support than most other all-foam mattresses, it still emphasizes plush comfort more. This means that if you want or need something firm, you might need to consider a different mattress (perhaps something with an innerspring core).

You might not like the Mint Mattress Unboxing and Setup

Your mattress will ship directly to you entirely free of charge via FedEx Ground; depending on where you live your mattress should arrive within a week or two after your order has been processed. Additionally, free FedEx Ground shipping is only applicable if you live within the 48 contiguous states; if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you will need to arrange a different method of shipping (and may need to end up paying a fee to do so).

Once your mattress arrives, unpacking it is straightforward and easy. Simply bring the box inside (you may want to get a second person to help you carry it, especially if you need to go up a staircase or navigate a difficult hallway or doorway), unpack your mattress and unwrap it from the plastic it is sealed it. Because your mattress is made entirely from memory foam, it will be in a compressed form. You will need to give your new mattress time to regain its original size and shape before using it (this will usually occurs within a few hours, but in some circumstances may take longer), but once it has fully expanded you’re all set to start sleeping on it.

You might not like the Mint Mattress off gassing:

Like with all memory foam mattresses, there may be some odors when you first unpack and unwrap your mattress. Don’t be alarmed, however; these smells might seem strange to you, but they are actually a perfectly normal byproduct of the compression process that is used to make your mattress easier to package and ship.

In any case, the off gassing odors should dissipate relatively quickly once you unpack and unwrap your mattress from its packaging; in most circumstances, the odor will disappear completely by the time your mattress has expanded back out into its full size and shape (which typically only takes a few hours). If you are very sensitive to the smells, however, it’s advisable to wait a full day before using the mattress in order to be absolutely sure that it has aired out enough (to help it air out faster, you can also turn on a fan or open a window to increase air circulation around the mattress).

You might not like the Mint Mattress Edge Support

While most all-foam mattresses don’t feature very good edge support simply due to the plush nature of memory foam, the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress is notable for offering better-than-average edge support that allows you to utilize the full surface of your mattress for sleeping, without needing to worry that unstable “rolling off the bed” sensation that is so common with other types of memory foam mattresses; this better edge support also means that you can even sit on the edges of your mattress for brief periods of time without needing to worry about breaking down or damaging the perimeter of your mattress (that being said, you should still avoid sitting on the edges for long periods of time, just to be on the safe side).

This good edge support is primarily thanks to the seven inch base layer that makes up the foundation of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress. This strong foundation layer is made out of high-density poly-foam that provides the mattress with its great overall support while also helping to firm up the edges of the mattress and make them more able to bear weight effectively.

Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress Construction

The Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle is made entirely out of different foams and consists of three main layers.

The top layer (also called the comfort layer) is three inches thick and built out of Tuft & Needle’s proprietary Adaptive Foam. This unique foam is specially designed to provide tremendous pressure relief and support, and is also infused with graphite to aid in breathability and temperature regulation (furthermore, the Mint mattress contains 30% more graphite than the original Tuft & Needle mattress, giving it even greater breathability in comparison while also helping to draw heat away from your body while you sleep). Additionally, this top layer of the mattress I notable for being incredibly soft and plush (allowing you to get comfortable quickly) while also giving you great pressure relief (which is especially important for your hips and back) and good responsiveness (so you don’t feel stuck or trapped when you sink into the mattress).

The middle layer functions primarily as a transition layer, helping to transition between the plush top layer and the dense base foam that makes up the bottom layer of the mattress, but also offers some good support in its own right, too. This middle layer is constructed out of more Adaptive Foam, although this layer differs from the upper comfort layer in that it is infused with gel beads. This gel infusion helps to extend the cooling properties of the top layer throughout the rest of the mattress while also providing additional support as well.

The final layer (also called the base layer) functions as the foundation of the mattress. This final layer of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress is seven inches thick and constructed out of high-density poly-foam. It is this layer that gives the whole mattress its structure, while also providing support for the entirety of the mattress. This layer is also notable for providing extra edge support, an important quality that many all-foam mattresses lack because of the inherent plushness of memory foams; this additional edge support helps to keep the perimeter of the mattress firm, which allows you to sleep across the entire surface of the mattress without needing to worry about that “rolling off the edge of the bed” sensation that is so prevalent with other memory foam mattresses.

Additionally, all the foams used in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that they are guaranteed to be contain no harmful chemicals or gasses.

Mint Mattress Cover

The Mint cover is removable and washable.  It is also stretchy and stays tight on the mattress.

Mint Foundation

The T&N Mint Mattress will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

mattress bases


This mattress has gotten quite a few notable upgrades in order to give it better temperature regulation and heat dissipation.

First of all, it features excellent breathability thanks to it having 30% more graphite than the original mattress. This helps to maximize the cooling effect and keep you sleeping comfortably all night long without needing to worry about overheating while you rest.

Additionally, it contains a higher quality gel (currently called Ceramic Gel) that is able to absorb five times more heat than products using more traditional gel foams. This mattress also features open cell technology, which is designed to allow air to flow more freely and easily through the mattress, which is tremendously helpful for increasingly both ventilation and breathability as well as heat dissipation.

Adjustable Base Performance:

Although we didn’t film the Mint on a base you can be sure it will work fantastic on an adjustable base.

T&N Mint Mattress Price

Twin XL$500
Cal King$775

Mint Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Warranty – 10 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

  • Discounts – coming soon

The Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle comes with a trial period of one hundred nights. This trial period is the perfect amount of time for both breaking in a new mattress and deciding whether or not it’s a good choice for your individual sleep needs; this is because it can take anywhere from four to eight weeks (one to two months) for a person to adjust to a new mattress after switching. And since this trial period comes with an extra five weeks on top of those two months, you should have plenty of time to get used to sleeping on the Mint mattress and make a solid judgment on whether it’s working out for you or not.

Additionally, the Mint mattress features a ten year limited warranty. This decade-long warranty will cover any defects that you encounter in the mattress as well as any craftsmanship or material issues that compromise your ability to utilize and enjoy using your mattress. If you do experience any of these issues, all you need to do is contact the Tuft & Needle customer service department and they will get to work on resolving the situation for you as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

There’s no denying the importance of customer feedback when it comes to making a decision on whether or not to purchase an important item like a new mattress. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the more informative reviews in order to help give you some additional perspective on the potential benefits you could receive from purchasing and using a Tuft & Needle Mint mattress. We hope you find these customer reviews helpful and informative for deciding whether or not a Mint mattress is right for you and your individual sleep needs.

  • I haven’t fully adjusted to the mattress yet but I love my mint bed. Its super comfy, there is little motion transfer, the edge support is great also. I love the feeling of the mattress. It is different from other memory foam beds that I’ve laid on. You don’t feel like you sunk into a hard support layer, like soft foam was put on top of rock hard foam. You feel evenly distributed and the bed is firm but squishy. I use mine with a foundation frame that has drawers underneath.” – Micah.
  • I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in 15 years. Since getting the Mint I sleep the night through and wake up refreshed and ready to go!” – Shari.
  • My husband has MS. He sleeps so much better on this mattress. We purchased the Mint because the sides are reinforced and they said it was cooler than the standard T&N. The sides are so sturdy that he can push himself up (and he’s no little guy) with ease. The other thing that we appreciate is that if we didn’t like the mattress, we could donate it and still get our money back. All around great company.” – Barbara.
  • We have the King Mint and it feels like we are floating but supported. Also customer service. We at one point bought twin beds for bunk beds but later I realized it was too thick for a bunk bed. The person I spoke with on the phone was outstanding and canceled the order. Thank you!” – Mark.
  • The Mint mattress is amazingly comfortable. I haven’t slept this well in years. My wife feels the same way. The price is very competitive and customer service is great. We already have three friends who are ordering their own because of how much they like ours when laying on it. Thank you Tuft & Needle!” – Wayne.
  • The Mint mattress is great. Soft with a little bounce. I’m a petite 118lb back/side sleeper and my 155lb boyfriend is a stomach sleeper. We both like this mattress. Have been sleeping on it for only two weeks but I have high hopes that it will last. Good price. Fast shipping. Easy installation.” – Karen.
  • We ended up purchasing the mint mattress, we live in phoenix and both of us sleep pretty hot, our old mattress we not only would sweat, but also would wake up in more pain than relief. Within two nights of us adjusting to our new mattress we were sleeping through the night and weren’t sweating at all. After looking at multiple mattresses within the last 6 months and we couldn’t make a decision we finally went to a Tuft and Needle show room and our decision was made, the mint mattress was perfect for us. Literally the best mattress ever!!!” – Anthony.


Overall Summary

Overall, the Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle is a great choice if you want an all-foam mattress that offers both comfort (thanks to its plush top layer) and support (thanks its thick and durable foundation layer). It’s also an excellent choice if you want a memory foam mattress but don’t want to overheat at night; thanks to the graphite in the top layer and the gel-infused foam in the middle layer, this mattress has great breathability and temperature regulation for an all-foam mattress. All in all, the Mint mattress is a very high quality product and well worth the price.