Lofton Sheet Set Review – Saatva Sheets Review

The Saatva Dreams sheets are made up of 100% long staple organic cotton. With a 300 thread count and a 60s yarn count, these sheets are designed to mix the pleasure of comfort with longevity. Yarn count is simply a measure of how fine the yarn is. 60s is closer to the high end of yarn counts.

Long-Staple Organic Cotton

Long organic cotton fibers, or staples, are woven to create soft, sumptuous and more durable sheets.

Optimal Thread Count

As thread counts rise, fabrics become warmer. We handpicked a thread count of 300 — perfect for cool, breathable, comfortable sleep.

Fair Trade

We make our sheets in Fair Trade Certified™ factories because we believe it’s the most effective way to do the most good every day.

Organic All The Way

We are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. From harvesting the cotton through every step of manufacturing, we’re organic through and through.

Lofton Sheet Set by Saatva Dreams

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What I liked about the Lofton Sheets

1st off they are nice and soft.  That’s one of the things I look for most in a sheet set.  Then everything else about the sheets adds to the excitement.  They are 100% organic cotton.  This is better for the environment and for the user.  The overall quality of the sheets is well above average and the price is fair.  Being higher end plus all natural the price of the Lofton sheets is great.

I have had soft microfiber sheets that are cheap and feel good but the issue is not being cotton they do not last long and pill very easily where as these organic cotton sheets have much longer life and actually get softer as they are washed.

Twin XL$135

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Lofton Saatva Dreams Company Info

Saatva has been around since 2014 and have had wildly huge success selling quality mattresses and now have added Saatva Dreams, quality pillows and sheet sets for a very competitive price.

Transparency Matters

We pride ourselves on a supply chain that is traceable from end to end. That means we monitor every step from the origins of our cotton to its arrival in your home. We want you to feel confident that our product is pure, chemical-free and 100% organic.

Fair Trade Factory

Fair Trade Certified™ factories adhere to the most rigorous standards of economic and social responsibility for the factory workers who dedicate their time and expertise to our products. Every Lofton sheet is also made with respect for the environmental resources that make it possible.


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Overall Summary

We highly recommend these sheets. As they are priced extremely competitive in the organic sheet space. The other benefits of being organic are fantastic for the environment and healthier to sleep on. In addition they donate with every purchase made.

The feel and quality are above average for the price as well. The long staple cotton will get even softer as they are washed.

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