Quility Weighted Blanket Review

Introducing the Quility Weighted Blanket.  This is my first experience with a weighted blanket.  I LOVE it.  I have napped twice so far using it and it just makes for a cozy relaxing feeling.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable natural cotton material and filled with premium glass beads. The beads are placed into small polyester pockets that keep the beads evenly distributed. To prevent the glass beads leakage, we added two layers microfiber inside, which is also breathable and designed to offer better temperature control.
SOFT TO TOUCH REMOVABLE COVER: Each comforter comes with premium removable polyester duvet cover, which is secured with 8 string ties along the perimeter of the blanket. Removing the cover not only keeps you cool during summer nights but makes doing laundry much easier. Just remove the cover, wash it in the machine and air dry.
NATURAL SLEEP AID: This heavy blanket provides a great, all-natural sleep help for adults and kids by offering the gentle feeling of being hugged in order to encourage deep and restful sleep. The Quility weighted blanket gives you the cuddle you need to fall asleep and stay asleep.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE: Choose the blanket that weighs about 10%-12% of your body weight plus one pound. A twin, queen or king size weighted blanket is much smaller than twin, queen or king size regular blanket.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We LOVE our customers and take pride in providing a pleasant shopping experience. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, we offer a full refund— no questions asked!

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What I liked about the Quility Weighted Blanket

This was my first experience with a weighted blanket.  I opened this one up and put the removable soft fleece cover on it and took a nap.  The blanket is good to use with or without the cover so its like you’re getting two blankets.  As I type this I am using the weighted blanket and Kayla is snuggled up in the fleece cover.

The first time I took the blanket out I took a nap and it certainly relaxes you and gives you a nice hugged feeling.  Its hard to explain but it is a very nice feeling.  Checkout the video for more.

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Legal Disclaimer
The minimum age for the use of a weighted blanket is 12 years old. The recommended weight for a weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight plus 1 pound. Weighted blankets should never be used to restrain a person or restrict their movement. Weighted blankets should never go past the shoulders and should never cover the head. Pregnant women, babys under 5 years old and people who can’t move the heavy blanket themselves are prohibited to use the product.


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Overall Summary

I am slightly obsessed with this blanket.  This was my first time using a weighted blanket.  I have a queen 15 lbs blanket.  It gives you a hugged, relaxed tranquil feeling.  I napped very well the first time I used this blanket and have been using it every night since, including while I type this!

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