Molecule Sheet Set Review

Introducing the Tencel Molecule sheets.  I have sold and own Tencel sheets and they have always been the softest sheets I have ever owned.  If you’re seeking soft you must consider these sheets.

The TENCEL™️ Advantage

TENCEL™️ Lyocell is an advanced fiber made from a sustainably sourced wood pulp from Eucalyptus and other trees. We choose to incorporate this textile innovation into our sheets for its many comfort and wellness features.

Temperature regulating
The hydrophilic (water absorbing) nature of TENCEL™️ Lyocell means that its fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton. This supports your body’s thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin feeling dry and cool all night long.

Unfavorable for Bacterial Growth
The hydrophilic nature of TENCEL™️ fibers absorb moisture more efficiently and thus there is less available moisture formed on the surface for bacteria to grow versus more common fabrics.

TENCEL™️ fibers are naturally soft to the touch and offer long-lasting comfort. Even when viewed under an electron microscope, the fibers exhibit a smooth surface – which translates to exceptional comfort and softness for even the most sensitive skin.

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What I liked about the Molecule Sheets

I have sold and owned thousands of sheet sets.  Tencel have always been some of the softest, silkiest feeling sheets you can buy.  These sheets are also very affordable.

I have had soft microfiber sheets that are cheap and feel good but the issue is not being cotton they do not last long and pill very easily where as these organic cotton sheets have much longer life and actually get softer as they are washed.

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Molecule Company Info

Molecule is relatively new but rapidly growing.  They have sold a lot of sheet sets.  They are known for having some huge name athletes endorsing them such as Tom Brady.

I have also reviewed their mattress.


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Overall Summary

I am slightly obsessed with this blanket.  This was my first time using a weighted blanket.  I have a queen 15 lbs blanket.  It gives you a hugged, relaxed tranquil feeling.  I napped very well the first time I used this blanket and have been using it every night since, including while I type this!

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