Lytton Sleep Mattress Review

Lytton Sleep Review

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Lytton brand makes very high-quality mattresses that are designed to last for many years and offer your superior comfort for your sleep needs.

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Build Quality/Materials : 4.9/5
Cooling : 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel : 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.9/5

Lytton Mattress Review

We like to make sure that you get the best mattress for your needs and we review mattresses like the Lytton Sleep to give you the information that you need to make an informed buying decision. No matter what your favorite feature lytton sleep is for a mattress, we cover all the many functions that you need to know about to decide if this is the right mattress for your needs.

Lytton brand makes very high-quality mattresses that are designed to last for many years and offer your lytton sleep mattress review superior comfort for your sleep needs. You will be able to lytton sleep mattress review assess what you need to know about this mattress from our review but you can be assured that the Lytton brand is one of the best in the business. You will wonder why you lytton sleep mattress review haven’t gotten a Lytton sleep sooner once you see the reviews and the information for this quality mattress.

Read on to learn more about the Lytton mattress and what it can do for you!


One of the primary branding decisions of the Lytton brand is to make sure that they make thick, comfortable and durable mattresses for a great price. There are levels of mattress available within each style and you will get to have free shipping and returns with each order. You also get an amazing warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.

While the brand points out that many mattress companies also offer these services these days, they were one of the first brands to come up with this unique design. They were also one of the first companies to offer the boxed shipping and unfolding method of delivery as well.

Being sure that you are going to get a great quality product that will fit the needs of many different sleep styles is really important. You will not find many other mattresses that will take care of the needs of so many sleep styles, which makes this mattress a great choice for your bedroom or a guest room. Many people love this brand because they can count on the quality of their design and the warranty is another major benefit that you will not get with many other brands.

You should always be looking for options like a sleep trial as well as a really good warranty and the added benefits of great construction and longevity doesn’t hurt either. This is a place where Lytton shines compared to many other mattresses.

Lytton has always stood for quality and for performance and you will get a sleep experience that you and your family and friends will enjoy. This is the kind of mattress lytton sleep that you can put into your guest room and your friends and the people who come to visit will love that this is the bed that you have chosen for them.

Delivery and Setup

This is one of the many mattress companies that ship a mattress to you in a box and then you unravel it to be used right off. This was not common in the beginning and Lytton was one of the first companies to offer this unique delivery option. This works really well for people who don’t want to deal with having to drag a full-size mattress up the stairs at their home or apartment and it makes the process of delivery easier for everyone.

Being spared waiting on a delivery truck and shared delivery times can make sure that you get the best delivery experience of your life when buying a mattress. This is one of the best mattresses on the market that is delivered in this way. You will have no trouble unwrapping your mattress and you will love that you can use it right away once it has been unrolled.

This part of the buying experience for this mattress is a solid 10/10.


While the off-gassing process from mattresses is not harmful to your health in most cases, you should be aware that your mattress will have some smell to it when it is brand new. This should go away over the course of the first couple of weeks of owning your mattress.

The Lytton mattress is not as smelly as many other mattresses in this space and you will be glad that you did not pick some of the competitors on the market if smell matters to you. You will be able to enjoy this mattress almost right off because it will not have an unpleasant smell.

Being able to unpack your mattress and immediately sleep on it can be a big help if you have a sudden need for a new mattress. There are brands of mattresses that will not allow you lytton sleep to do this due to the smell. Being able to be freed from the waiting period that accompanies some other mattresses due to the smell is a huge benefit to this mattress.

You Will Like Lytton Mattress if You:

  • You love a plush top. The soft cover for this mattress is superior to many mattresses on the market.
  • You want to sleep with good temperature regulation and limited motion transfer.
  • You sleep on your stomach or are a back sleeper.
  • You value a balanced support structure and good edge support.
  • You have a co-sleeper who likes a slightly softer mattress than you do.
  • You like a supportive feel without feeling like your mattress is stiff.

You Might Not Like the Lytton Mattress if You:

  • You want a very firm sleep surface.
  • You do not like a pillowtop.
  • You care about very limited motion transfer.

There are pros and cons to every mattress on the market and you will get a lot of benefits from this mattress due to the way that it has been designed. You will be able to find many different sleeping styles work on this mattress, which is one of the best reasons to pick this mattress. You can compromise on some factors to do with lytton sleep mattress review but the different ways that you can sleep on a mattress can greatly impact the pros and cons from your perspective.

Lytton Mattress Construction

The soft pillowtop of this lytton mattress is made with quality organic materials and the memory foam layer is infused with gel to make it flexible. The Serene layer of foam helps keep this mattress from getting hot when you are sleeping and it will create the superior motion transfer prevention that you want and need when you share a bed.

The Quantum Coil layer is 8” thick and is made up of pocketed coils that are wrapped independently for better airflow and flexibility. This wrapping design makes sure that the coils will not damage the other layers of your mattress as well. This is a big benefit to this mattress. If you like to have a traditional lytton sleep mattress review design without the pitfalls of this style mattress, this is the right choice for lytton sleep you to make.

The base foam of this mattress is made of 1” of foam. This is a stable and sturdy layer that will give the mattress a great and reliable base that will not wear flat or take on the wrong shape lytton sleep mattress review. This is the perfect base for a partial coil system mattress and you will like that this mattress feels sturdy and stable due to this base layer of quality foam.
lytton construction

Comfort & Feel

My Thoughts (Ross)

The organic materials and the soft and tufted feel of this mattress have all the notes of a traditional mattress with improved technology behind it. If you love a more traditional mattress, feel but want to sleep with better temperature regulation, this is the right lytton sleep mattress review  for your needs. The reason that this mattress feels cool and supportive while also being springy is because of the layer of memory foam that is in the center of the mattress.

The infused felt layer and the quantum coil layer are really unique in this mattress and they make for a supportive yet soft sleeping experience. There is nothing nicer than getting a mattress that will offer you a pillow-top feel without the rolling and bouncing feel of older spring-type mattresses.

Offering up multiple layers of comfort and materials is a big part of getting a mattress that will make anyone happy and comfortable. If you offer only one kind of sleep style to people who are buying the mattress, you will limit the ways that the lytton mattress reviews can be slept on lytton sleep. This is one of the biggest benefits of this mattress because you get some traditional coil design notes as well as the superior balance and structure of quality memory foam components.

This is a lytton mattress that is more comfortable and offers better performance lytton sleep than simple hybrid designs. You will get all the right construction notes for side sleeping, stomach, and back sleeping with this mattress which makes it really versatile for many sleeping needs.

Lytton Mattress Foundation

The Sedona mattress will work on any solid surface. A wood foundation, boxspring, slats, or the floor.

If you want to use the Sedona Mattress on an adjustable base you will want to order the 11.5″ instead of the 14.5″


This is a really nice lytton mattress review if you have trouble sharing your bed space due to temperature issues. This mattress sleeps much cooler than other foam-based mattresses and you will get a nice silky and soft feel from the pillowtop. This is a traditional-styled mattress with benefits of the center core of gel material that prevents excessive heat transfer.

This lytton mattress review is also made to maintain comfort within your own space as well. Even if you sleep alone, you will not sweat while you sleep, which can be a big benefit to those lytton sleep mattress review who sleep hot naturally. There are many mattresses that will still sleep warm even when you are sleeping alone.

Temperature can negatively impact the sleeping comfort of many mattresses for many people. You will love that you will get the benefit of a soft pillow top without being hot or sleeping too cold. There are many pillowtop mattresses as well memory foam mattresses that sleep quite hot, but this mattress offers a great blend of materials for your temperature comfort benefits.

Motion Transfer:

The entire range of JoyBed mattresses perform really well when it comes to motion isolation. The pocketed coils provide lytton sleep mattress review precision support and buoyancy without any movement rippling through the mattress. In addition to making the JoyBed lytton mattress review superbly cosy, the cotton and wool fabrics also absorb movement to minimize motion transfer. There is a little more motion transfer than a standard hybrid mattress but this lytton sleep will only prove problematic is you have a sleeping partner that moves excessively in their sleep.

Edge Support:

As with most gel and memory foam-designed beds, you will get really good edge support with this lytton mattress review. This means that your mattress will last for a very long time and you will have more sleeping space for your needs if you share a bed. Having good edge support means that your mattress will have a much longer lifespan and this is a big part of why this lytton mattress review has a 20-year warranty.

Having good edge support lytton matters for many factors of the comfort of your sleeping needs. You will also not have to get specialty sheets for this mattress because lytton sleep mattress review the edge design is not so stiff that you will have trouble with getting the right bed sheets and blankets for the bed.

Having the ability to use the edge of the bed for sleeping as well as the center of the bed can make it much easier to share the mattress with a co-sleeper. Many people do not realize that the edge of the mattress lytton sleep is what often impacts their comfort when they are sharing a bed. Having only a small amount of real estate to sleep on can make any lytton mattress review unpleasant to share.

Adjustable Base Performance:

We tested the Saatva in the 14.5″ thickness. But they have recently slimmed down an option that will work great on the adjustable bases should you want to try one or already own one.

Lytton Price with our discount applied:

Twin XL$1149
Cal King$1699

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Lytton Warranty and More

  • Shipping – Free
  • Warranty – 20 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Discounts – Best available pricing. Click the link above.
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

From Jeanie M.:

“I honestly can’t get out of bed, it’s too comfortable-Love how cool it remains throughout the night.”

Scott W says this about this mattress:

“Love the edge support on the mattress, it even holds up well when I’m sitting on the side of the mattress!”

From Margaret D.:

“Way cooler than the mattress we have had for the last 20 years, it was time for a new mattress & the lytton delivered!”

The many glowing customer reviews that you can find online for this mattress will tell a clear story about how well lytton sleep mattress review this mattress sleeps for all kinds of different sleeping styles. This lytton mattress review gets a solid 10/10 for customer satisfaction and happiness lytton sleep with its performance.

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  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Off Gassing
  • Edge Support
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

This is a really great lytton mattress if you want to have a partial coil design without all the problems and issues with durability that come along with most coil mattresses. This is one of the best hybrid design mattresses on the market and you will get the benefit of the memory foam layers as well as the temperature control functions that go with lytton sleep mattress review hybrid designs.

This is a really great choice to make if you want to have a traditional design mattress with much less motion transfer and a really nice soft pillow top. This mattress is made to last due to the various well-crafted layers of materials. You will get the benefit of a whole host of different materials that are combined to make this bed the perfect choice for all of your needs.

This is a great mattress to pick if you sleep on your front or on your back. Most mattresses are not made for these sleep styles and it is just assumed that you will be comfortable on any kind of mattress if you sleep in these positions. So many of the mattresses lytton sleep on the market are made for side sleepers, which leaves many other sleeping positions out in the cold. This is one of the things that you should consider when you look for a mattress if you prefer to sleep on your back or your stomach.

Having the ability to enjoy a 100-day trial is a really nice benefit with this mattress and you will love that you can count on shipping it back for free if you decide that you do not like it after all. This is the right kind of mattress that you can put in your guestroom or use for your own bedroom. This is a well-loved mattress that everyone gets along well with and will have a great sleep experience when sleeping on it.

The Lytton Sleep is made to be satisfying to many different kinds of sleeping needs and you will love this product for all of your sleep needs from the comfort pillow lytton sleep top to the stable foam layers and the temperature controlling layers. We have to give this quality mattress a 10/10 for all of its awesome features and amazing comfort.