Little Dove Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Baby Teething Toys | Foldable Play Gym

Baby gym frame is made of unfinished pine wood, sanded to be smooth. Free of any chemicals, CPSAI (Child Protection Substance Abuse Initiative) certified, non-toxic and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified. Comes with a wooden ring hanging, and also a baby teether! This Montessori toy encourages early motor skills while giving infants something to hold and manipulate. If you enjoyed this product review feel free to explore out other reviews Here

Little Dove Baby Gym Review

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What we liked and disliked about the Little Dove Baby Gym

Things you’ll like:

We found it very easy set up and put away and the gym can fit in between small places. We really liked the natural colors and feel it coordinates really well with most nurseries. We love that the gym is made of real wood, has a modern look, and fits our boho-chic nursery estetic. Includes 4 plushy handing toys, 4 wooden hanging toys and an extra silk. This item has been polished three times and has an additional finish protection. The product uses environmentally safe glues and double thick rope that are all non-toxic. The gym can also act as a mini clothing rack and multiple babies can play with it at a time! 

Things you might not like:  

There are a couple reviews online that stated the gym fell apart within the first 6 months of having it. This could be user error but also the fact that it’s made in China could deter you from purchasing this item.


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The baby toy gym frame is made of unfinished pine wood, sanded to be smooth. Free of any chemicals, CPSAI (Child Protection Substance Abuse Initiative) certified, non-toxic and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified. Comes with a wooden ring hanging, and also a baby teether! This Montessori toy encourages early motor skills while giving infants something to hold and manipulate. 

Item Specifications: 

Dimensions 26.5 x 5.25 x 4 inches 

Item Weight: 3.89 pounds

Amazon Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars 

Warranty: Must contact seller for warranty 

Width between gym’s legs is 19.7” (50 cm) , Depth is 19.7” (50 cm), Height from the floor to a play gym bar is 17.7” (45 cm

Made in China

Return Policy 60 days 

Safety Warnings: 

Wooden baby gym is strong but contains small parts, adult supervision required at all times while the child is playing. Use only with lightweight toys hanging above the baby. Do not assemble while the baby is underneath the play gym. Check the hanging toys every time before you give them to your baby. No choking hazard

Shipping and Unboxing:  

Shipping time is about a week off Amazon. The item comes in its original box and was easy to open by cutting the tape edges with an exacto knife (be careful the box says not to do this, you could use a butter knife as well). All of the parts were easy to separate and from the packaging and the instruction manual was very self explanatory. It took me less than five minutes to put it all together after glancing at the manual. One thing though is make sure to put the legs on correctly so the bottom of the leg lays flat against the ground. I was excited and surprised by all of the hanging toys that came with the gym, the plush toys are adorable and the wooden will be super useful for hand eye coordination. Here is my unboxing video: 

Company Info

About the company: 

We weren’t able to nail down exactly who the company is but when trying to get a hold of Little Dove, most reviews stated their customer service was top-notch. We looked them up on their Instagram which brought me to their Amazon store and not their website (doesn’t seem they sell off a website). Currently, their Amazon store has no description of the company or where it’s located.

Existing Customer Reviews

Real Customer Reviews: 

5 stars – 80% of customers 

4 stars – 9% of customers

3 stars – 4% of customers 

2 stars – 2% of customers 

1 stars – 5% of customers

“Obsessed. It took two seconds to put together and feels so sturdy and I love that it folds up flat for storage when it’s not in use. But it’s so cute that I don’t mind it out in my living room all the time. The toys are low enough that my three month old can actually reach them. And when he’s too big to lay under it and play, I can take all the toys off and he can use them for teething toys. I seriously can’t say enough good things” – Lauren (5 out of 5 stars)

“So my play set totally fell apart and it’s been 3 months , I’m really sad about it . The strings broke and it became uneven standing and one of the strings broke and my baby could have choked on it . Freaked me out😭. I was a little hesitant at first because of the choking hazard review, but I ordered this and I looked at the string and it was super durable ! And string string . Very well made ! I’m so in love with it , my baby girl is 2 months and she loves it and just stares at it and smiles when I swing it along. Looks good with the house especially if you want to have everything less clutter and simple! I know as a mom it can be overwhelming especially with a lot of stuff but these modern toys are the best honestly and babies & toddlers are entertained.” – Latina (2 out of 5 stars)

“This is worth the money! I think the quality is amazing. I saw some reviews saying it was poorly made but I strongly disagree! I love how easily this was to assemble, no tools are needed! And each piece is very sturdy and well made. This is such a cute play gym and I love that it’s all wooden! I had my 17 month old son play with it and it held up well! Can’t wait for our baby girl to arrive so she can play with this!” – Kimi Squires (5 out of 5 stars)

“Baby must have! I absolutely love this baby gym! It isn’t ‘loud’ with color and easily matches any room in our house- which is great for us because we have baby gear everywhere and I didn’t want it to look like a madhouse! It is so beautifully made and our 7 week old daughter will just stare at the beads for 30 minutes- which is so great for me to be able to get stuff done! Definitely worth it!” – Madeline (5 out of 5 stars) 

“I felt like an idiot when I wrote a negative review saying it was missing pieces, and then I found the “missing” soft toys shoved down in the box! Granted, they should have been included with the main baggy with the wooden toys, but it was my mistake for not searching thoroughly. The company was very quick to respond to my initial message requesting the soft toys. The ring on one of the wooden toys was broken, so I am receiving a replacement for that. But even with that added hassle, this baby gym is fantastic and I don’t regret buying it. I love how lightweight yet substantial it is. I love being able to move it around from room to room and fit it in tight spaces without a problem. I love how neutral it is so it blends in with my decor. My 3 month old baby loves whacking around the beads to make sounds and grabbing at the toys, both soft and hard. We use it on the floor and when he is in his bouncer. The wood was also well sanded and oiled with no splinters. Overall, I would highly recommend this baby gym and if you do have any problems, contact customer service because they’re awesome. Misleading description. I bought this wooden gym specifically because the description said it included soft toys (the cloud, moon and rainbow) for a total of 6 toys. Not the case. It arrived today and as soon as I opened the box I saw that there were only three toys and one of the rings on one was broken. No soft toys at all. Very disappointed.” – Kevin (5 out of 5 stars) 

“Cutest baby gym ever! I am so excited to have got this mail ! It’s perfect for my baby boy arriving this year. I’ve looked into several baby gyms and this one was my absolute favorite ! I love that it’s wood and matches my home perfect! I also love that aside for the adorable toys it comes with you can also add more to it ! I highly recommend this product.” – Sugar Parties LA (5 out of 5)

OMG soooo cute! I just became a grandma for the first time AND we are getting to have another one in few weeks. We decided to buy a play gym for all our grand-babies and showed the product to our kids. They are blown away from the cute design, easiness to put it up (and fold together) AND the great price. I have had a look everywhere (Etsy, shops, …) before I found that. The price AND good design is unbelievably good. Love, love, love!? – Ramona (5 out of 5 stars) 

“Adorable but already broken. This is an adorable play gym. It folds up, so it doesn’t take up much space when not in use. It was super easy to assemble also. However, one of the attachment toy things broke within the first use. It makes me wonder how long the rest of them will hold up over time.” – Abigail (3 out of 5 stars)

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