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Kutson Mattress Review

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Kutson Mattress Review

The Kutson is a foam mattress with adjustable layers to change the firmness level.  Not only that but you can change the firmness level on BOTH sides so this is great for couples.

Kutson is, as they say, “the premier mattress-in-a-box brand.” They claim to meet the comfort preferences of any person that purchases their mattress. They have 9 different comfort layers, which is why they can meet any comfort status preferred. (I’ll go more into this later, because I know what you’re thinking—9 layers?)

In this review, we’ll be looking at what Kutson customers are saying, and dig into what exactly the Kutson Mattress is. We’ll look at the comfort and feel, motion reduction, delivery and set up, temperature, materials, warranty and trial, and more.

Kutson’s founder Brian Gargalis believes that his methods will produce less waste because this mattress is so comfortable that there will be a decrease in mattress return rates. Pretty good goal, if you ask me. Kuston had spent the last 4 years testing hundreds of prototypes and finally ended up with this mattress.

This mattress means something to Kutson because they want it to mean something to you.

You will like the Kutson Mattress if you:

Sleep hot: The Kutson mattress does not sleep hot! The top layer of the mattress is a cool-gel suffused phase change specifically for anyone that gets hot when they sleep. If you sweat, there’s no need to worry about that either. The mattress itself doesn’t trap as much heat as a regular foam mattress.

Need a specific place to be able to sleep: The truth is that sometimes you like firm and sometimes you like soft, right? On some nights, I think my mattress is the best and on other nights, I think it’s the worst. The difference between my lame mattress and the Kutson, is that I’m stuck with what I have, but the Kutson lets you change your layers to the comfort level that you want. Say goodbye to nights of tossing and turning.

You and your partner are comfortable in different levels of comfort: The great thing about Kutson is that this mattress has dual side customization. If your partner prefers a firmer side and you prefer a softer side, there’s no need to argue, because Kutson gives you the best of both worlds. All you have to do is switch out the layers.

You might not like the Kutson Mattress if you:

Like really soft or really firm: Kutson can be soft or firm, but it’s not the softest or the firmest. If you prefer a bed that sinks you in and practically hugs you, this isn’t that soft. The bed is soft enough and firm enough, but not extreme on either side.

Don’t like customizing: If you’re an impatient person who doesn’t like to test things out, then this is definitely not the mattress for you. The whole point of Kutson is to customize for your best comfort, but you’re the one that does the moving around. Changing the layers is really easy, but there are some people out there who just don’t have the patience, so maybe this isn’t for you.

Don’t like free trials: I know—literally everyone likes free trials, but the truth is that I couldn’t come up with any other reason that one might dislike the Kutson, so I have to come up with something witty, but now that we’re here, I bet you want to hear all about the free trial.

We talk about the free trial under Warranty and Trial.

Delivery and Setup

First things first, when you order your mattress you get FREE shipping. I know, right? No one ever has free shipping.

Delivery is simple. The mattress is delivered in one simple box, as they say. You don’t have to pick up or drive anywhere. You order it online, and then it’s delivered to your front door.

Once you get your Kutson in that one box, it’s easy to set up. You remove it, place it on the surface that you want to use (box spring, adjustable frame, slatted base, or the floor) and remove the plastic. Then you unroll it, remove the plastic inside of that, and your mattress will begin to expand to the appropriate size.

The sizes the Kutson mattress comes in are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Off gassing

In case you’re not sure what off gassing is, it’s really just a fancy term for the smell that comes from the memory foam. (Well, it’s also the smell that comes off of fresh paint, but you know what I mean. In this case, we’re talking about the Kutson’s memory foam.)

Off gassing happens when compounds break apart, but despite it sounding scary, it’s not harmful. The odor coming from new mattresses is just unpleasant, but it really only lasts a few days. Just like when you order a new t-shirt, it airs out after a while.

Kutson does a have slight new mattress smell, but it goes away after a few hours. If you can, just leave the door of your room open, and the window, and the off gassing will air out pretty quickly.

None of the materials or foams of the Kutson mattress contain any toxic or dangerous substance or chemicals, so you’re good to go.

Comfort and Feel

As I mentioned earlier, Kutson has 9 different levels of comfort. These levels range from “softest soft” to “firmest firm” with mixed and matched levels in between. To explain, this means that the levels, with “medium medium” in between, can be “soft firm,” “medium firm,” et cetera.

What makes this bed different is that you, yourself, can organize layers easily until you get exactly what feels best for you.

According to Kutson customers, the mattress is incredibly comfortable. They have said that after nights of restless sleeps and waking up with sore back, after they switched to this mattress, they woke up pain-free and well rested.

This isn’t the type of foam mattress that sinks in when you lie in it, and then you’re never able to get out again (and it doesn’t remain sunk in either). This mattress simply adjusts to you and depending on your level, is either firm or soft. It doesn’t suck you in, and it’s not uncomfortable, it just fits. It’s plain and simple.

Some people have even said that as they’re reading their child a bedtime story, they end up falling asleep with them!

Motion Transfer

Tom M—a 5-star reviewer—shared, “My wife is a really restless sleeper, always tossing and turning and waking me up. Since getting this mattress, I can actually sleep through the night!”

Kutson says that you won’t feel your partner, or whoever you sleep with, moving. Because of Kutson’s dual zone layers and no glue laminations, then there’s no motion transfer. It’s like you’re sleeping on 2 different beds.

You won’t have to deal with being awoken by your partner who’s constantly switching from lying on their back to lying on their stomach.

Another customer, Jackson T. said, “My dog likes to jump on our bed in the middle of the night to sleep with us and it always wakes me up. I woke up after the first morning using our new Kutson to find our dog in bed with us. I hadn’t even noticed when he’d come in. This mattress has great support and keeps me fast asleep all night. First mattress I’ve ever had where I can get a really good night’s sleep.”

Edge Support

The Kutson bed gives you superior edge support, so you can get a good night’s sleep every night. You don’t have to worry about accidentally finding your head almost dangling off the side of the bed because each layer is encased with good edge support.

They’re encased with a patent-pending foam edge rail so that you don’t roll off. If you want this mattress for your kid who’s the craziest sleeper in the house, the edge support’s got your back.

Kuston Mattress Construction

The Kutson has an 11” profile. It’s composed of 6 different scientifically engineered layers for your ultimate comfort.

It begins with the “Spine align” which has a high density and resilient foam as it serves for a base that will last you years.

Then, there’s that patent-pending foam edge rail that we talked about in edge support so that you don’t roll off the bed.

Then, there are the comfort layers they’re known for—soft, medium, firm, and everything in between. As we’ve said, you can change the density and firmness without breaking a sweat. Remember that you and your partner can have different comfort levels because they’re cut in half.

Finally, it’s that other thing we talked about, the “Alaria” comfort layer, which keeps you, cool with a gel-infused foam, so that you don’t have to throw off your blanket at night.

The Kutson foam is made of ozone depleters and other fancy terms. The important part is that there are no leads, heavy metals, Mercury, and other things that may have a bad affect on anyone. Everything is performance-tested, durability-tested, emissions-tested, and content-tested.

The Kaya cover is also stretchy and stays tight on the mattress.  More to come..

Kutson Foundation

The Kuston Mattress will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

mattress bases

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

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Her thoughts (Kayla)

Coming Soon

Softness-Firmness level: 5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


As we talked about earlier, the top layer of a Kutson mattress keeps you cool. This comfort layer is called the “Alaria.” It’s a temperature, regulating, gel-infused foam,” that keeps your body cool every single night.

One customer, Karen L., said that she never wakes up in the middle of the night sweating because she’s too hot. Another customer, Eric, shared that he dislikes foam mattresses because he got too hot, but now he no longer has to deal with that problem with a Kutson.

It actually regulates your temperature, so you don’t have to angrily kick off your blankets in the middle of the night (and maybe therefore kicking them off of your partner.)

Adjustable Base Performance:

Although we didn’t film the Kuston on a base you can be sure it will work fantastic on an adjustable base.

Kutson Mattress Price

Twin XL$799
Cal King$1299

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Kutson Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Warranty – 10 Year

  • Trial Period – 100 night


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty

Overall Summary

Okay, but really, there is no other mattress out there that provides this type of specificity you when it comes to comfort. We can talk all about off gassing, and warranties, and all that as much as you want, but the truth is that you just want to be comfortable when you sleep.

You don’t want to wake up every two hours because your back aches. You don’t want to toss and turn, or feel when your partner does the same. After a long day at work, after a long day of taking care of the kids, or after a long day of marching in the latest march, you just want to sleep. Sleep without worry or discomfort.

Sleep is one of the most important things a human needs, and you should invest in getting a good one. With Kutson, you don’t have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably because of the 9 different layers! All you do is test them out, see what you like best for a bit, and then have years of calm, dream-filled sleep.

Let’s talk prices before we wrap up this mattress review. (Hint: for everything you get—including the free trial that eases your mind—it’s a great price.)

Twin: $690
Twin XL: $750
Full: $920
Queen: $995
King: $1,180
California King: $ 1,180

I’d say it’s worth the investment, especially because it’s not like your regular old foam mattress that eventually you have to get rid of because your body has formed a permanent dent.

You don’t even have to go out! You don’t have to fight with your partner about what kind of mattress you want because it’s all there in one simple box that arrives at your doorstep with free shipping.

Also, it should be noted that even though the Kutson mattress is new and there aren’t too many reviews out there, all of the reviews that have been put up are great. Everyone loves how simple it is to customize, the layers of comfort, and the “Alaria” level that keeps you cool at night.

Everyone loves that they’re able to have a good night’s sleep, and not wake up wishing that they wouldn’t have bought the Kutson mattress because there is no room for regret with it.

The Kutson mattress is all about you. It’s all about figuring out what suits you (or your kids) until you get that sleep that you want. And remember one of the goals of the company founder?

To minimize waste! If you purchase this mattress, and end up falling in love with it, because of the great quality, you won’t have to throw it away in a couple of years. You’re actually helping the planet if you buy a Kutson mattress that doesn’t suck like regular foam mattresses.

Anyway, all in all, the Kutson mattress is a great mattress and definitely worth a try.

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