Ghostbed Vs Leesa

Ghostbed Vs Leesa Side by Side

leesa vs ghostbed

Our Unbiased Comparison

Leesa and Ghostbed are two of the most popular brands online and both have many many 5 star reviews.  Each brand has unique features and different feels.

Below is our full assesment of each brand.  We have covered how they feel, perform and we will provide our recommendation on which brand you might want to consider.

You can also skip to each brands full review here- Ghostbed Review |Leesa Review

Ghostbed Review

ghostbed review

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Leesa Review

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You will like


  • Like to sleep cool – Foam mattresses can sleep warm.  However, the design of the Ghostbed with latex on top and gel memory foam on bottom helps it disperse heat efficiently.  I did not experience excessive heat at all.

  • You want a good value – Ghostbed is a good value at $750 in a Queen ($700 w/ our coupon).  At 11″ thick with 3.5″ of premium foams (1.5″ latex, 2″ Cooling Gel Memory foam) it specs out well compared to similar mattresses and comes in at a lesser price

  • Sleep in multiple positions – This mattress is a good medium feel with good body conformance.  Sleeping on your side, back or stomach Ghostbed will conform to your body very well.

  • Are a heavier sleeper – When compared to a 10″ mattress the Ghostbed is a good option if you are a heavier sleeper.  The extra inch of foam and a more dense core then some brands makes this a good option for heavier sleepers as well.

  • Like the combo of bounce and body conformance – With the latex layer on top Ghostbed maintains good bounce which makes it easier to adjust positions and not feel stuck.


  • Want a good value – Leesa comes in at a competitive price when compared to many big furniture store brands.

  • Like to sleep cool – Foam mattresses can sleep warm.  Leesa uses a convoluted and areated layer of Avena foam on top which aids in cooler sleep.I did not experience excessive heat at all. Kayla is typically always cold so heat was not an issue for her either.

  • Want proof  of product – Leesa has thousands of 5 star reviews.

  • Are looking for a mattress to fit all sleeping positions – Leesa is a good medium feel and it performed well for all of our sleeping position tests.

  • Want good bounce paired with body conformance & pressure relief – The Avena foam and memory foam layer perfrom very well together to have a great balance of bounce/response and body conformance with pressure relief.

  • Value a company who gives back – Almost all of the companies online do some philanthrapy, Leesa seems to take it a step further.  They have programs with 3 separate initiatives. They donate mattresses, plant trees and they support thier local community.

You might not like


  • Do a lot of activities sitting on the edge of the bed – Sitting on the edge the mattress sinks down about average for a foam bed.  If a very sturdy sitting edge is important to you you may want to consider something with foam encased edges or a border wire (coiled/spring mattress primarily). Laying on the edge was not an issue however, you still have the entire sleep surface usable.  (see video for demo)

  • Want a innerspring mattress – It can take time to get used to a foam mattress, if you already know you don’t like all foam mattresses you should stick with a coiled mattress. The Ghostbed is a comfortable mattress but it won’t probably transform you from a spring fan to a foam fan.

  • Want a tall extra thick mattress set – Although Ghostbed is thicker then some bed in a box options it is not going to be super thick and tall like some mattresses you will find online and in stores like a pillowtop.  For me 11″-12″ is perfect, you won’t have issues finding sheets to fit it either.


  • Want a firm mattress – Leesa is a medium-medium soft feel.  If you prefer an extra firm mattress you will want to look elsewhere.

  • Don’t like foam mattresses –  If you are a spring mattress lover you may want to consider something with coils.

  • Are a stomach only sleeper – Although Leesa performed well for us in all sleeping positions if you are a stomach only sleeper you may want to consider something a tad firmer.



  • 1st Layer: Comfort & Temperature Control – The top layer consists of one and a half inches, three and a half pounds density of continuous aerated latex foam that is made to be responsive, and does not retain body heat.

  • 2nd Layer: Pressure Relief, Support & Additional Heat Dispersion – The middle layer consists of 2″, 4 pound density gel memory foam that uses larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler sleep.

  • 3rd Layer: Core Foundation – The bottom layer consists of 7.5″ of 2.0 pcf high density base layer for increased support and longevity.

Ghostbed construction


  • Top layer: 2″ of Avena foam. Avena is acts and feels like latex, except tests show that it is more durable. This layer is designed to provide comfort, cooling and body conformance.

  • 2nd layer: 2″ layer of memory foam. This layer provides support, pressure relief, and additional body conformance.

  • Bottom layer Foam Core: This layer is a foundational base for the mattress.

His & Hers Firmness & Feel

My thoughts (Ross):


The GhostBed is about a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.  With the top latex layers fast response it is easy to adjust sleeping positions. You might feel its a tad firm to start.  The materials used in the mattress are of a good quality, once you’re laying down for a bit the Gel memory foam layer reacts a bit more and it feels softer then you might think right at your first lay on the mattress.

I really liked the feel of the Ghost Bed, its the firmness I like and I really enjoyed how responsive the foam is if I were to shift positions.  The mattress had good body contouring without being too soft.  You don’t have that “stuck” feeling I’ve experienced with some memory foam beds and that’s the point of having the latex on the top layer.  Over the years in my stores people are always drawn to the thick, impressive looking mattresses.  Generally, taller the better as far as the customers mind goes.  At 11″ thick this mattress is an inch thicker than many of the other bed in a box mattresses.  An inch doesn’t sound like it would make much of a difference, however when you are talking additional premium foam you tend to get better body conformance and less motion transfer.


The Leesa Mattress impressed me for the following reasons.

A.) To me the overall feel of Leesa impressed me and on  the (B.) you’ll learn why!

B.) They are one of a couple 10″ mattresses that uses 4″ of premium foams on top.  Most are 3-3.5″.  This makes the mattress conform to your body better and also makes it have fantastic pressure relief.

C.) It worked well in all sleeping positions.

D.) The mattress slept cool, had good motion reduction and

Her thoughts (Kayla):


The GhostBed is about a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.  With the top latex layers fast response it is easy to adjust sleeping positions.  My first lay on the mattress I thought it was a little firm, but like Ross said, it seemed to feel softer after the gel memory foam reacted.  That is a good indication that they use the high density memory foam they claim to. Typically better gel memory foam takes more time to “sink in”.  I am also lighter at 125lbs.  The top latex layer supports your lower back very well and bounces back quickly if you adjust positions.  I’m always worried about motion transfer since Ross moves around a lot.  Like most foam beds this has very little motion transfer.


I really liked how the Leesa mattress conformed even being lighter in weight.  It was a bit softer which I like.  For side sleeping it was very good for me as well.  Overall Leesa is my favorite mattress we have reviewed so far.  The Avena foam was very responsive and had good bounce.  The motion reduction properties were very good too.  Ross likes to move around a lot so that was helpful for me!



The GhostBed had no problems with sleeping hot.  The design with 1.5″ of aerated latex paired with 2″ of Cool Gel Memory Foam underneith helps this mattress with heat dispersion.


Avena foam has the same cooling properties as latex.  In addition, Leesa uses a convoluted and aerated Avena layer on top.  It circulates air easily.  The memory foam layer also draws heat from the top layer.  It never got excessively hot for us.

Adjustable Base Performance

Both the Ghostbed & Leesa will work great on an adjustable base.



Twin XL$600
Cal King$925

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Twin XL$550
Cal King$1150

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Take $50 OFF with our link to the right and code MattressInsiders50

Get $75 OFF instantly with our link to the right

Other Info

Warranty & More:


  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 1-5 business days
  • Warranty – 20 years
  • Trial Period – 101 nights
  • Discounts – Use MATTRESSINSDIERS50 to receieve $50 OFF when checking out.
  • Made in the USA


  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Discounts – Use our link above for $75 OFF instantly
  • Made in the USA


  • Ghostbed
  • Leesa

Overall Summary

The GhostBed is one of my favorite mattresses, rating well on all parameters. Its a good choice when you compare mattress spec’s (foams, thickness, warranty etc.) vs price as well as comfort. I would recommend this mattress for all body weights and sleeping positions. The core foam they use is denser then most of the brands online so this mattress would be good for heavier people as well when compared to a mattress with a less dense core.

Overall, I was impressed by the Leesa Mattress and the company. I spoke with the owner as he was coming back from London and had just donated a bunch of mattresses to a community in need. He really believes in giving back more and more as the company grows. The feel, support and pressure relief of the Leesa was great. I recommend giving it a try for sure.