Our Dog Ruff’s Reviews

This is our dog Ruff, he sleeps with us every night so we figured we better include him in the mattress reviews.  Stay tuned for pictures of Ruff HOGGING the bed on all of the mattresses we review!

About Ruff:

Ruff has been sleeping on mattresses for 2.5 years now. Ruff is extremely talented mattress tester.  His favorite sleeping position is completely stretched out and in your spot.  He’s very good at keeping us awake, kicking us and hearing every noise in the house.  In addition, we never need an alarm clock as Ruff will paw our faces at 5-6 AM for us to let him outside!

Ruff will be  leaving his paw print of approval on each mattress he loves!

So far its been allll of them…..

The “You better not be taking me to the vet” look!

The “Oh gosh, am I in your spot?!” look!