Casper Glow Review

Introducing the Casper Glow smart lamp!

Versatility Meets technology

This lamp has a ton of cool features, watch our video to learn more.

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What I liked about the Casper Glow

Initially when I was asked to review a “night light” which is how it was initially described I was thinking ok, send it over.  But as soon as I started researching this product I literally said out loud, “THAT is cool” and immediately showed Kayla.

So once it arrived I was very excited to get it opened up and play around with it.  We LOVE it.  Simply how this thing functions is very cool.  We have a touch lamp with a similar shape in the spare bedroom night stand and it does not even come close to how cool this thing is.

All of the functionality is very high tech and it actually solves common problems or annoyances like turning the bright lights on when getting up in the middle of the night.  The drift function is great.  We have been using that every night.  I often go to bed wide awake and this helps you ease into the bedtime mindset.  The other feature I find the most impressive is how you can dim the lamp by simply turning it, the tech is very cool.

You can see Kayla using it yet again for another purpose while doing a puzzle at the cabin.  Being portable makes the uses for this lamp endless.

We plan on buying at least one more for the other nightstand and maybe one for the bathroom.  When synched they will all react together.  We think it would be great to have a 3rd one in the bathroom to have on the down light function (done by wiggling glow) in the bathroom as well.

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Overall Summary

This has been one of the coolest products we have reviewed. Mattresses are mattresses for the most part so it was fun to review a new type of product. One that is totally useful as well. We have been using this every day and night since we got it.

For the price I can almost guarantee you will love it and most likely want another one, or three!

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