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a mattress that promotes a strong balance of softness and support, while encouraging relaxation and happiness. Combining two sleep-friendly colors (blue + yellow), Blello was created to provide everybody with an honest, educational mattress shopping experience.”

Build Quality/Materials: 4.7/5
Cooling: 4.9/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.7/5
Overall Value: 4.7/5

Blello Mattress Review

A Blello mattress is, according to the definition given on the company’s official website, “a mattress that promotes a strong balance of softness and support, while encouraging relaxation and happiness. Combining two sleep-friendly colors (blue + yellow), Blello was created to provide everybody with an honest, educational mattress shopping experience.”

Additionally, this company prides itself on making high quality products. With over twenty years of experience in the furniture and mattress industry, they have excellent customer service values and are dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. They also work entirely within the United States; their partners are all private family-run businesses that are also dedicated to producing high-quality materials that are then utilized int eh crafting Blello mattresses.

Blello also believe strongly in selling mattresses that are affordable; they strive to cut out the middlemen (mattress showrooms and salespeople who markup mattress prices in order to earn larger commissions on their sales) in order to give their customers the best deal possible on their products.

Ultimately, they are a company dedicated to providing high quality mattresses to their customers with as little hassle as possible.

Delivery, Unboxing & Set-up

Shipping and delivery for your mattress is entirely free, ad your mattress will be delivered right to your front door with virtually no hassle whatsoever. Additionally, your order will be packed and shipped via UPS as soon as it is processed; typically, your new mattress will arrive within four to ten business days of your order being processed.

Your Blello mattress will arrive in a fairly compact box that should be easy for you to handle (although you may need the help of a second person if you need to carry it to an upstairs bedroom). In any case, once you’ve taken the box into your bedroom, all you need to do it open it and pull out your compressed mattress. Then, simply remove it from the plastic and give it time to expand back out into its full size and shape. Because this mattress is made entirely out of different foams, it will take ti some time to regain ti full size; typically this process will take about six or seven hours, but some customers report needing to wait a full twenty-four hours before their mattress regained its proper feel, firmness, and consistency.

There may also be some slight off gassing, which we will discuss next.

You like the Blello Mattress if you:

  • Want a mattress that is good for reducing motion transference. Thanks to the multiple layers of memory foam used in the construction of this mattress, it has great motion reduction qualities thanks to the way vibrations are easily absorbed rather than spread throughout the rest of the mattress when someone moves.
  • Want a memory foam mattress that sleeps cool. Unlike many other memory foam mattress, which are notorious for retaining heat while you sleep, this mattress has two comfort layers that are designed to minimize heat retention. This makes it an excellent choice if you want a mattress that is made entirely out of memory foam while also featuring good temperature regulation.
  • Want a foam mattress that is good for any sleeping position. Thanks to the special design of this mattress and its three unique foam layers, this mattress is a great choice whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.
  • Want a foam mattress made out of high quality materials. This mattress is made out of only the best materials, all of them manufactured by Blello’s family-owned partner companies; some foams in this mattress are even eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.
  • Want a mattress that provides good comfort and support. This mattress is specially designed to offer both body-contouring comfort as well as good support, especially for your spine, no matter which sleeping position you use.

You might not like the Blello if you:

  • Don’t like memory foam. Because this mattress is made entirely out of different types of foams, if you don’t like the feel and texture of memory foam then this mattress is probably not a good choice for you.
  • Prefer a traditional spring mattress. Again, because this mattress is a hybrid and features multiple layers of memory foam on top of a spring core, it will not provide the same firmness and responsiveness as a traditional innerspring mattress. Instead, the top layers will have a body-contouring plushness that you might not like if you prefer the firmness of an innerspring mattress.

Comfort & Feel

This mattress is a great choice if you want a mattress that will be comfortable no matter which sleeping position you prefer; it’s also great for people of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

In terms of firmness, it rates anywhere between a 5 and 7 on a traditional firmness scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being very soft, and 10 being very firm) depending on your body weight. Tat being said, this mattress is specially designed to provide a well-balanced sleep experience that combines both supreme comfort with ultimate support.

This great sleeping experience is thanks to the three layers of different foams that combine to offer great pressure relief, good temperature regulation, good responsiveness (meaning you can move around without feeling stuck or swallowed up by the mattress), as well as amazing support for any sleeping position.

Motion Isolation

This hybrid mattress from Solay is an excellent choice if you want a mattress that great for motion isolation and the reduction of motion transference (the phenomena where movement on one part of the mattress causes vibrations that spread through the rest of the mattress and potentially disturb your bed partner).

The Solay mattress is great for motion isolation because it features not only multiple layers of memory foam but also a quantum coil system core that has individually wrapped coils. Because each and every coil is independent of the rest, this coil system is great for both reducing motion transference and providing great support while you sleep. And because each coil is also individually wrapped, vibrations are absorbed more easily and won’t transfer as far through the rest of the mattress.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that provides a superior experience in regards to minimizing motion transference, then the Solay mattress might be the perfect choice for you.

Off Gassing

Like with all memory foam mattresses that are compressed for the purpose of shipping, the Blello mattress may give off some slight fumes during the unpacking process. This is entirely normal and nothing to be alarmed at. This off gassing is a common occurrence with memory foam mattresses, and is more or less a byproduct of the compression process rather than the result of anything to do with the mattress itself. The Blello mattress in particular is made entirely out of high quality materials and constructed entirely in the United States, so you can rest assured that it contains no harmful chemicals or substances; any fumes you encounter are going to be very minimal and dissipate quickly.

Edge Support

This mattress is a great choice if you want a sleeping surface that is consistent throughout the entirety of the mattress. Additionally, you will get the same level of firmness and comfort whether you sleep on the edges or in the center of the mattress. That being said, because this mattress is made entirely out of memory foam, it’s not advisable to spend too much time sitting right on the edges; doing so will cause the memory foam to break down and lose its shape over time simply due to the nature of memory foam edges.

Blello Mattress Construction

The Blello mattress is constructed entirely out of different memory foams; it has three individual layers.

The top layer is an inch and a half thick, and is comprised of a unique response foam called Serene Foam. This layer is specially designed to be a preferable alternative to traditional memory foam; it is able to conform to your body to offer pressure relief and maximum comfort without retaining too much heat and making you feel sweaty and trapped while you rest. This top layer also helps a great deal with the reduction of motion transference, making it so that even if you get out of bed or shift position you don’t risk disturbing your sleeping partner with the movement.

The middle layer is made out of comfort foam and is two and half inches thick. Blello has designed this core layer to be medium-firm and contribute to the mattress’s ability to provide both comfort and support while also preventing any sunken spots that could disrupt or detract from your overall sleeping experience. Additionally, this layer is eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.

The bottom layer serves as the foundation for the mattress and is made out of six inches of durable foundation foam. This layer is made out of high-density foam and is designed to provide excellent support no matter what sleeping position you prefer (on your side, on your stomach, or on your back) or what body type or body weight you have.

Blello Mattress Cover

Blello also features a cover that is both breathable and stylish. And not only is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, it can be removed and washed should the need arise.

Blello Foundation

The Blello will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

mattress bases

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

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Her thoughts (Kayla)

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Softness-Firmness level: 6.5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


This mattress features not one but two comfort layers, neither of which contain foams that retain heat; this sets this mattress apart from other all-foam mattress, which are normally notorious for their heat retention qualities (which can sometimes make them uncomfortable to sleep in, due to how easily you can become overheated at night when you’re resting).

That being said, while this mattress will sleep cooler than any other mattress made entirely out of foam, it will still retain more heat than an all-coil mattress or a hybrid mattress that features both memory foam and coils.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Blello being all foam will work great on an adjustable base.

Blello Mattress Price:

Twin XL$895
Split King$1895

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Blello Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Warranty – 10 Years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

  • Discounts – Use our link above for the best price

This mattress comes with a trial period of one hundred nights. With more than three months to try it out, you should have ample time to both adjust to using your new mattress and decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your individual sleep needs.

If you do end up deciding that this mattress isn’t right for you for whatever reason, all you need to do is contact the Blello company between the 31st and 100th days of your trial period (they will not accept returns before the first thirty days of the trial period has passed, because they believe that it can take at least a month for someone to adjust to using a new mattress); they will give you a full refund and arrange for the return of the mattress once you explain your situation.

Additionally, this mattress comes with a ten year standard warranty. Blello is incredibly dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers, so if you encounter any defects in this mattress or any other issues that compromise your ability to enjoy it or use it as intended, all you need to do is contact the Blello company’s customer service department and explain the problem; they will strive to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible for you.

Customer Reviews

If you still aren’t sure whether the Blello mattress is a good option for you or not, we suggest reading the reviews left by others who have purchased and used this mattress. After all, feedback from other customers is an important part of the decision-making process for any shopper.

Some of the more notable reviews are as follows:

  • I couldn’t be happier with my new Blello! I had a spring mattress for 8 years, and I started having back pain after using it for so long. I think the problem was the spring mattress was too soft and wasn’t supporting my back properly. I’m glad I came across Blello because medium-firm is perfect for me. My wife also loves it. We’ve been using our new mattress for almost two months now and I feel like we’ll keep it for a long time!” -Alper.
  • So easy and convenient to unpack and set up on your own. And the box is so cute, I actually don’t want to get rid of it! The medium firm foams give me just the right amount of comfort and support and I love that it stays cool even when I have my heat on high or it’s warm outside.” -H.V.
  • As a side sleeper, I have trouble with pressure on my arms and hips. My Blello has taken those issues away, and I feel extremely comfortable falling asleep on my side now. I certainly would recommend to others.My house was built in 1900, and it is nearly impossible to get a queen bed upstairs, but it couldn’t have been easier carrying the box upstairs.Also, the online ordering process was extremely easy.” -Matt.
  • Blello made the difficult process of buying a mattress SO easy! I had a ton of questions when I was purchasing, but the customer service team was super patient with me and made sure I knew what I was getting into. It was great to have the queen size mattress delivered right to our door. The mattress has great support that keeps us comfortable and cool throughout the night, and we don’t wake up in pain. Our Blello has made all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep.” -Shauna.
  • The stairs in our apartment complex are very narrow, which makes getting most furniture up to the second floor a headache. But our Blello was delivered in an easy to move box that helped us completely avoid having to lug a heavy mattress up two flights!The mattress is also a perfect middle-ground for my wife who loves a soft mattress and me who needs the support.” -Josh.
  • This mattress has a MUCH better cooling experience compared to my old memory foam mattress. I’m able to sleep comfortably with my partner and my dog without getting too hot, and if they move throughout the night it doesn’t disturb me which is the most important part!” -C.E.
  • I LOVE my Blello mattress. It is extremely comfortable. I tend to be a restless sleeper-I used to keep my husband awake from all of the tossing and turning that I did. BUT with our new Blello mattress, I can toss and turn, and he doesn’t wake up! The mattress shipped straight to our door and was easy to unpack. I didn’t have to wait around for a delivery truck and random strangers to come through my house to unload the mattress. I LOVE Blello so much-I will be purchasing a couple more for my kids.” -J.A.K.
  • From start to finish, the Blello process was an easy and fulfilling one! Very comfortable, easy to unbox/set up and keeps myself, my girlfriend and our dog sound asleep all night. The mattress stays cool on the warm days and we wake up feeling refreshed every morning.” -J.R.
  • Not only is my Blello mattress incredibly comfortable, but it was so convenient to get and easy to set up. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable my old mattress was until I slept on a Blello!” -A.W.


Overall Summary

Ultimately, the Blello mattress is a great choice if you want an all-foam mattress that can offer you both great support and excellent body-contouring comfort while still providing great motion isolation and temperature regulation. Blello is also a good company to buy from if you want a fabulous customer service experience, complete with a straightforward trial period and a great ten year warranty.

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