BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket Review

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Review

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket Review


The BlanQuil Chill uses cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat creating a cooler, personally adjusted experience.
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Build Quality/Materials: 4.8/5
Cooling: 4.6/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.8/5
Overall Value: 4.7/5

What I Liked About the BlanQuil Chill

I have reviewed many weighted blankets and this one was the first one with cooling fabric. I used to sell mattress protectors with the same fabric and they are very cold to the touch and refreshing. So if you are looking for a cool to touch and then slowly warming feeling this is it.

Nice design with cooling fabric.
Immediate calming effect
Feels like someone is hugging you!

SleepOvation Overview and Review

How The Cover Works: The BlanQuil Chill uses cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat creating a cooler, personally adjusted experience. The BlanQuil Chill’s ultra-breathable fabric wicks away moisture and actively absorbs body heat making the cover noticeably cool to the touch. You will enjoy the unmistakable active cooling of the BlanQuil Chill from the instant you enter your cocoon through the first 15-20 minutes of use, allowing you plenty of time to drift comfortably into sleep.

Just like the original BlanQuil Premium weighted blanket, the BlanQuil Chill weighted blanket uses Deep Touch Stimulation to provide you with:

  • An immediate soothing, calming effect when you are stressed out or just want to wind down after a busy day.
  • Reduced tossing and turning throughout the night and improved sleep quality.
  • Decreased anxiety and stress.
  • It just feels great! A blanket that cuddles you back!


Novosbed uses an aerated top layer which helps circulate air and keep the mattress at a neutral temperature.  After 2 weeks in the mattress neither of us experienced any excessive heat.  I tend to sleep warm so I typically keep a close eye on this. Kayla is always cold so heat is no problem for her.  If you tend to sleep extremely hot the firm mattress may be something you should consider as it won’t hug your body as much.

BlanQuil Price

15lb or 20lb$299
Standard $475

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BlanQuil Blanket Trial and More

  • Shipping – free shipping. Typically 3-7 business days.
  • Trial Period – 60 days
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  • Warranty – 5 year


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Overall Summary

The design of this blanket is great with the cooling cover.  If you like fleece blankets you may want to choose their none cooling models but I loved that this was cool to the touch but still obviously warming.  But if you get hot and flip the blanket around the cover is cool to chill out for a bit.  The 20 lb blanket is what I had and it is great!  My wife thought it was a little heavy for her but I loved it.  Very well made blankets and a nice trial at 60 days makes this worth a shot if you’re in the market for this product.

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