The Haven Bed Premier 12 Inch Foam Mattress Review (brand closed)

The Haven Bed Premier – Mattress Review

Haven Unboxing & 1st Impression COMING SOON


Haven offers 2 models.  A 12 and a 14 inch.  They are top quality with above average foam densities in their cores making them durable and supportive.

Build Quality/Materials: 4.9/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.7/5

This Brand Closed

You will like the The Haven Bed Premier if you:

  • Seeking an very well priced mattress
  • Like more of a sleeping on the mattress than sinking way in.
  • A very supportive foam core
  • A good balance of support and pressure relief
  • Value a Lifetime Warranty – I wouldn’t expect any mattress to last an entire lifetime but if they are warrantying it its better than a 10-15 year warranty for sure.
  • Need a TON of time to decide if its right for you.  Their trial is crazy 18 months

You might not like The Haven Bed Premier if you:

  • Require a thin mattress for any reason
  • With all of their options, it’s likely you can find something you may like
  • Want a true memory foam feel – this has a touch faster response which is good in my opinion.

The Haven Bed Premier customer reviews 

Simple process, friendly and courteous workers

Review by Scott V. on 4 Nov 2020review stating Simple process, friendly and courteous workers

Couldn’t have been easier, and the guys that did the pickup were really nice.

Love the mattress!

Review by Mary H. on 6 Nov 2020review stating Love the mattress!

I was not sure what to expect as this is the first mattress purchased via mail. I was very happy with delivery times especially as my new home is in a very rural area. Mattresses was for an upstair bedrooms. Getting everything up the stairs and set-up was much easier than expected. Having fun testing each Haven Mattresses out as we look forward to

 entertaining family & friends this holiday season [hopefully!!!]

Awesome mattress

Review by Spenser M. on 29 Oct 2020review stating Awesome mattress

Fantastic mattress! We had an initial issue with a miss-sized mattress (closer to a California King than a King), but Haven was great about promptly responding and sending us a new mattress. Overall very happy with the mattress and the purchase process!

Great so far

Review by Jacob L. on 28 Oct 2020review stating Great so far

1 week in and I’m loving it. My dog loves it too, haha.

The Haven Bed Premier Sleep Off Gassing

The first thing you will do when you get your Idle mattress is bring it to the room you will open it in.  You do not want to unroll it in another room.  Once you are ready to open it you can use the cutter some brands provide, if not use a scissors and be careful not to cut the fabric.

As it starts opening it will expand quickly and you will only notice a slight “new mattress smell”.  The Idle mattress is made in the USA so it is not roll packed very long, which helps with minimize off gassing.

This an all natural mattress so there is no off gassing.  But you will always have a “new” smell. Which dissipates. 

The Haven Bed Premier Construction

The Haven Bed Premier Mattress Cover

A high quality 450GSM washable quilted cover, this fabric is designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.

The Haven Bed Premier Mattress Foundation

Haven will work on any solid surface.  A wood foundation, boxspring, slats, the floor and will work on an adjustable base.

Essentially you just want to make sure whatever you’re using the mattress on is flat.  An old boxspring a lot of times is still good but make sure its not bowed in the middle.

Firmness and Feel:

I had a good experience on the Haven.

In terms of feel.  It had a really good feel.  A very nice balance of pressure relief and support. You do not get a stuck sinking feel at all.

You feel good pressure relief and softness on top but very good support underneath.

The quality is very high the foam core in this mattress is a 2.4 lb where the average is a 1.8 lb in the industry.  This translates into a much more durable and supportive mattress.

Medium Firmness level: 5.5-6
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


This mattress slept very cool. It does not use traditional memory foam.  You do not feel as stuck or hot.  The core is very supportive as well, so much of your body is exposed to the air vs sinking way in and getting warmer.  The foam is also aerated which helps with airflow.

Adjustable Base Performance:

All of the Haven Mattresses are tested to work on adjustable bases.  That is why they also offer one on their website.

This is their premium model

The Haven Bed Premier Mattress Price with our Discount Link & Coupon Code:

Twin XL$559
Cal King$760

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The Haven Bed Premier Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 5-10 business days

  • Warranty – Lifetime

  • Trial Period – 18 Months

  • Discounts – Currently offering 20% Off

  • Made in the USA



Overall Summary

The Haven Bed Premier quality is very high the foam core in this mattress is a 2.4 lb where the average is a 1.8 lb in the industry.  This translates into a much more durable and supportive mattress.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a foam mattress with a good price and good quality for the price. Plus an unbeatable trial and warranty.

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