Get This: Comprehensive DreamCloud Mattress Review

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is a new high-end mattress that will raise the bar of a good sleeping experience to another level. Its combined latex, memory foam, hand-crafted cashmere, tufting and sophisticated coil technology make it a stand out among the broad range of luxury mattresses available in the market.

Aside from the hand-tufted stitched handles, a few highlights of this mattress includes flax yarns, cashmere, its 365 night trial period in case you decide to return it,  and of course, a reasonable price to boot. And in case you need help in finding the right mattress size, check our Mattress Size Chart.

If you seriously consider buying one, read our comprehensive review below to help you decide if it’s the right mattress for you. Check them out!


You Will Like DreamCloud Mattress If You:

  • Seek for a more luxurious mattress without breaking the bank. The DreamCloud is a much more substantial mattress compared to the 10″ mattresses you can find and purchase online for a reasonable price. Spend your money wisely and buy a real luxury mattress. Some companies say things like “in store this would cost $3000”, well that’s actually true with the DreamCloud as it’s a well-built luxury mattress.


  • Are you after the hybrid or more traditional mattress feel? The design of this mattress has an authentic traditional feel which utilizes a pocketed coil unit and a nice quilt on top. Thus, it’s a good combo of a foam and mattress feel.


  • Want a good combo of bounce and pressure relief. The pairing of memory foam, latex, and the pocketed coils gives you good pressure relief with the memory foam with an added bounce. It has a good balance of firmness and softness


  • Want a mattress with a cooling effect. The DreamCloud mattress has no issues when it comes to overheating.


  • Want to pay a fair price for a high-end mattress. Some brands compromise quality and focus more on price. But it’s not the case with DreamCloud. It makes quality mattresses with fair and relevant pricing. You get more of what you paid for. It’s a real luxury mattress with a fair price.


  • Are a combination sleeper. This mattress works well with different sleeping positions and the firmness appeal to most people.

You Might Not Like the DreamCloud Mattress If You:

  • Do not want a thick mattress. Although you will not have to worry about the sheets, you’ll have to look somewhere else if you like a thinner mattress as it is about 15″ thick.


  • Want an all-foam feel. The DreamCloud mattress renders a more traditional feel than an all-foam mattress will. It also has more bounce. Hence, if you prefer all types of all foam, it will not change your mind.


  • Want something extremely soft. Although this mattress is not firm, it’s not super soft either. It’s a balance of both.

DreamCloud Mattress Construction


The DreamCloud mattress is already impressive enough with its whopping 15 inches tall profile, that of which is exceptional for a mattress. Its eight-layer construction comprises of wrapped coil components and foam, which seamlessly to provide the sleeper with a comfortable pressure relief and firm innerspring lift.


  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer. This layer is 2″ of TrueTufted cashmere top cover that provides comfort and the luxurious aesthetic to the mattress. The DreamCloud is hand tufted which is something that you usually find in mattresses costing 3 or 4 times more.


  • .5″ Cooling Layer. This layer is .5″ of Gel Infused Memory Foam that provides a cooling effect to the top layers of the mattress.


  • 1.75″ Comfort Layer. This layer is 1.75″ of soft Quilted Memory Foam designed to provide pressure relief and comfort.


  • .5″ Response Layer. This layer is .5″ of natural hypoallergenic latex designed to provide bounce and contour.


  • .25″ Support Layer. This layer is .25″ of DreamPlush supportive memory foam that provides additional body contouring.


  • .5″ Transition Layer. This layer .5″ of DreamPlush is a high-density supportive memory foam that works to provide a transition layer between the upper comfort layers and the lower coil support layer.


  • 8″ Support Layer. This layer is an 8″ high-quality steel pocketed innerspring coils with 5-zone layers that provide exceptional support to the body. It has a varying stiffness that depends on the zone which gives you the support where it is needed most.


  • 1.5″ Base Foundation Layer. This layer is a final 1.5″ of high density extremely soft memory foam that provides the foundation layer of the mattress with deep compression support.

DreamCloud Mattress Cover

DreamCloud’s Cashmere cover is breathable, soft and is tufted into the other layers to prevent bunching.

The manufacturing of DreamCloud mattress can be considered as artisanal. Artisan stitchers hand-anchor a EuroTop to dense foam base by using authentic double tufts, a stitch that gives unmatched craftsmanship and lasting durability.

In case you don’t know, double tufting is a distinct process of affixing the mattress layers from top to bottom to create a unique mattress with both soft and firm feel. Apart from its first-rate composition, the cover of DreamCloud mattress is made more explicit with its golden hue and plush hand tufting.


DreamCloud Foundation

The DreamCloud Mattress will work great on any solid surface. The floor, platform slats, box spring or foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.


It will work on an adjustable base but if you are looking to bend it a ton to site straight up, it might be a little thick to work with. But it will bend to a point just fine if you are looking for partial elevation.

His and Hers: Firmness and Feel

In this section, we have two separate DreamCloud Mattress Review for its performance in terms of firmness and feel.

My Thoughts

The DreamCloud is one of the most impressive bed-in-a-box options I have reviewed so far.  At 15″ thick, it’s surprising they find a way to roll pack it and zip it in a box and still use quality materials. DreamCloud’s sheer thickness and quality invoke luxury at affordable price points.

The DreamCloud Mattress impressed me for the following reasons.

  • The overall built and quality was above average. How much mattress is there is amazing and the fact that it fits in a box is exceptional!
  • The top comfort layers really didn’t get hot and it had a great feeling that should work for the majority of people in terms of firmness level.
  • It works well in all sleeping positions.
  • It has been one of my favorite hybrid mattresses by far. This is going to the top picks list for sure.
  • The handles make it easy to spin and move around.  I recommend doing this every few months.
  • Lifetime warranty and 365 Night Trial give you some peace of mind and are something that you rarely get. This is a massive perk.
  • Overall, the DreamCloud is well-built for the price. It is a high-end mattress with a fair price. Additionally, it will work well for the majority of sleepers in terms of comfort and firmness level.
  • I think this is also a great option for heavy sleepers since it has a sturdy built and thick foam.


Her Thoughts (Kayla)


  • DreamCloud has put up the notch higher in the luxury mattress category with the release of their mattress. It seems that many of the new companies are doing so by coming out with more legit mattresses like a store would sell VS just a wimpy thin foam mattress.
  • The DreamCloud is not super soft but still performed well for me. I generally like a soft mattress so I sink in a bit more but the DreamCloud still felt great for my weight (125 lb)even though it’s not super soft.
  • The mattress has a very high-end look and feel. The cover is nice (although we cover it up with a protector and sheets).  
  • Being that I help Ross move these around all the time, the handles on DreamCloud were a huge help for me.
  • I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try a hybrid mattress. Those people who are looking for a legitimate mattress that is going to hold up should try it. It was very supportive, cool and there was not a lot of motion transfer when Ross moved around.
  • It was definitely one of the nicest bed-in-a-box we have experienced.

DreamCloud’s Softness and Firmness Level

The DreamCloud mattress has only one firmness level: medium firm. It scored 6.5 out of 10 for firmness. 6.5 is the ‘luxury firm’ level which caters to different types of sleepers regardless of their sleeping positions and habits.

  • 1 – Very Soft
  • 5 –  Medium
  • 10 – Very Firm

It also uses premium materials and cutting-edge technology to create the best support for your spine. The high-density foams encased coils, and soft cashmere makes for the best sleeping experience that you can get.

As a bonus, the mattress’ hypoallergenic coils with pending patent add help and support for you to get optimum spine alignment. It’s designed for even distribution of pressure and high performance while encasing your body for any amount or position of weight and pressure.

If you are a light sleeper, a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, have back pain, have undergone neck surgery, hip or knee surgery, this mattress is your lifesaver.


The DreamCloud uses Gel Infused Memory foam and Latex primarily for its premium comfort foams. Gel memory foam sleeps much cooler than regular memory foam and latex does not trap heat hardly at all. Additionally, the mattress has a coil unit instead of a foam core that helps promote airflow much better.

You don’t experience an out of control amount of body hug or sinkage either so the DreamCloud sleeps very cool.  Heat should not be a problem for most people on this mattress.

Sinkage Test

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, most of us want to know firsthand about how it feels lying on that mattress. Are we going to feel like laying ‘on top’ of the mattress or sinking ‘into’ it? This instance is called sinkage.

In order to visualize this sinkage, place four balls with different densities and sizes on the mattress then how much they compressed the surface.

  • a 6 lb medicine ball
  • a 10 lb steel ball
  • a 50 lb medicine ball
  • a 100 lb medicine ball

The differences in weight, density and size are intended for the simulation of different sized sleepers and different body parts.

  • 6 lb medicine ball equals to 1.5 inches worth of sinkage.
  • 10 lb steel ball equals to 2 inches of the worth of sinkage.
  • 50 lb medicine ball equals to 4.5 inches worth of sinkage.
  • 100 lb medicine ball equals to 5.5 inches worth of sinkage.

You are going to feel an instant sinkage that comes from the soft foam at the top. And by the time you sink on the mattress, you will feel its robust support and tip the wrapped coils. This combination is not only beneficial for light sleepers, but it will also satisfy stomach and back sleepers.

Adjustable Base Performance


The DreamCloud mattress is suitable if you are seeking for partial elevation. However, if you want to straighten it up, it can be a little challenging. Also, if you plan to share your bed, you probably want to know what or how it feels when your partner tosses around at night or crawls out of bed in the morning.


To get an idea of how this motion transfer works, get a 10 lb steel ball and drop it from varying heights. Start with 4 inches, then 8 inches and finally, 12 inches then measure the disturbance it created. Note that the bigger the disturbance, the bigger the lines.

The Edge Support

If you’re going to share your bed and use its whole surface area, it’s important to consider how much edge support it can provide. Most of the compressed bed-in-a-box mattress fails to meet the expectations when it comes to edge support.


But with the DreamCloud mattress, here’s what you can get:


  • Lying on your back. You will feel the distributed support at the edge and the center. If you press closer to the side, you will feel minor compression due to the top foam layers.


  • Shifting to your side. You will experience minor compression in the foam layers again. However, it didn’t continue in the wrapped coil system. In general, the mattress will do a great job of supporting your weight.

Odor Control

Another noteworthy feature of DreamCloud foams is its Certipur-US certification which translates to limited or non-existent off-gassing. Any hint of faint smell comes from the vacuum-packed new foams, not from chemicals. It will quickly dissipate once you open the package.

DreamCloud Mattress Price Range (Discounted)

The prices for DreamCloud ranges from $499 up to $1,299. The prices will, of course, vary depending upon the size of mattress you choose. And whether or not you will avail their ‘White Glove Services’ or additional accessories, the same price points apply.

It might not be your typical bed-in-a-box, but you need to remember that on the previous, you can only buy 15” on mattress retailers, at pricey tags.

Below are the prices after our $200 off discount is applied:

  • Twin – $499
  • Twin XL-  $799
  • Full – $874
  • Queen – $1,199 with our coupon code TED200
  • King – $1,299
  • Cal King – $1,299

Sizes, Weights, and Dimensions

The Dreamcloud is a heavier mattress which is a good indicator of quality. If you’re convinced that it is the right mattress for you, the size and pricing information for the mattress are below. Please note that these prices reflect standard pricing,


Size Price ($) Dimension (inches) Weight (lb)
Twin 499 39 x 75 x 15 55
Twin XL 799 39 x 80 x 15 65
Full 874 54 x 75  x 15 88
Queen 1,199 60 x 80 x 15 94
King 1,299 76 x 80 x 15 109
California King 1,299 72 x 84 x 15 109

DreamCloud Premier Euro Top Hybrid Mattress - City Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress Warranty and Additional Information


The DreamCloud offers to brag its so-called ‘Everlong Warranty’ which means lifetime coverage. By far, it’s the best-offered warranty in the industry for the obvious reason – it’s lifetime!

The warranty also guarantees the quality, durability, materials, and construction of the DreamCloud are only specific to the original purchaser. The company is highly confident that purchasers will find DreamCloud as the only mattress they will need or want.

In addition, DreamCloud will replace your mattress with a brand new DreamCloud, free of charge within the first 10 years of ownership, if you find defects in workmanship and materials.

Every year, DreamCloud will replace your DreamCloud or repair and re-cover your DreamCloud mattress. Proof of any manufacturing defects will cancel your transportation and delivery fees.

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.
  • Warranty – Lifetime Year
  • Trial Period – 365 nights
  • Discounts –$200 OFF

The DreamCloud Mattress Is a Good Option For:

So, were done taking a closer look at the DreamCloud mattress. Now, it’s the best portion to discuss who is the best consumer for this mattress.

  • Back and stomach sleeper. The combination of supportive wrapped coils and a pressure-relieving foam is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
  • A luxury and affordability enthusiast. The use of cashmere and plush memory foam gives the DreamCloud mattress a luxurious aesthetic and feel at a price that you can’t resist.
  • Couples. The single-wrapped coils are good at controlling and isolating motion which makes the Dreamcloud mattress a great choice for couples with different sleeping patterns and habits.

Summary of DreamCloud Mattress Review

In conclusion, the DreamCloud is going to be one of the best options you will find online with a fair price. It will work great for the majority of people when it comes to firmness and sleeping positions.

The quality of the mattress tells me that it will last a long time and minimize body impressions and sag. It has a great combination of pressure relief, body conformance and bounces making it easy to move around. Overall this is one of the nicest mattresses we have reviewed to date.




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