BedJet is a real solution for hot and cold sleepers that really works!

The patented BedJet is the first product to transform your existing bed into a luxurious temperature controlled sleeping environment without changing the feel of your mattress – no foreign mattress pads, no mattress toppers, no wires and no tubes to sleep on.  Cool off nearly instantly or give your bedding a toasty hot sauna feeling in only 180 seconds.  Using exclusive JetConvect air technology, the BedJet also eliminates body moisture and sweat from the bed to help you sleep more comfortably. BedJet is instant relief for hot sleepers, night sweats, evening hot flashes, cold feet and cold legs, cold winter sheet shock and memory foam mattresses that trap heat. Using the Bluetooth Sleep App for intelligent remote control from your smartphone or tablet, the BedJet reinvents your bed to become one of the most delightful places in your home.

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BedJet Review


What I liked about the BedJet

What I really like about this product is the cooling.  We tested this for the past few months and in the summer.  I sleep hot and in the summer if the AC is not on its terrible.  The AC gets expensive to run all summer though.  The BedJet truly allowed us to keep the AC off at night and kept me cool all night.

Now days all mattresses have some element of “cooling” but realistically many of them are gimmicky or at the very least will work or feel cold immediately when you lay down but after a few minutes your body will warm them back up.  BedJet actually works so if you’re a hot or cold sleeper BedJet could be the answer for you.

V1 Any Size Bed (Cooling Only)$299
V2 Any Size Bed (Heating and Cooling)$339
V2 DUAL SIDE Any Size Bed (Heating and Cooling on each side)$799

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BedJet Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Trial Period – 60 nights
  • Warranty – 2 Years
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BedJet Company Info

The BedJet company is not a division of a massive multinational consumer appliance company, nor are they funded by private equity or big corporate capital.  They are a true American start-up company based in Rhode Island and Connecticut, full of bright eyed inventors, engineers and gadget nerds who are part of the community of Makers.  They simply love creating and sharing awesome new technology and their company was fully self-funded out of our own pockets as well as contributions from our very first customers.  BedJet was also featured on Shark Tank.


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